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Monkeys Make Tree Catapult to Escape Lab, Lured Back with Peanuts.

A group of 15 monkeys at Kyoto University’s primate research institute in Aichi Prefecture, which are the focus of a string of high-profile scientific studies, escaped from their forest home which is encased by a 17ft high electric fence.

The monkeys made their bid for freedom by using tree branches to fling themselves one by one over the high voltage electric fence located nearly three metres away.

However, despite the intelligence shown in their great escape, the primates appeared unsure as to what to do with their newfound freedom: the monkeys remained by the gates of the research centre and were lured back into captivity by scientists armed with peanuts.

The terror. The tragedy. Imagine being clever enough to plot escape from your hairless ape captors. Then to achieve freedom you discover you don’t know how to define “freedom.” So you lounge around the jail you called home only an hour before.

You sit there, lounging. Freedom as only your monkey-brain can describe it. Then the hairless apes manipulate your primal needs with the weakness they studied, and maybe encouraged, into your very animal soul.


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#MusicMonday: In Glastonbury, Matt Smith & Orbital Perform “Doctor Who” Theme

Non-Whovians click elsewhere for a minute.

They gone?


To all you cool Gallifreyans, did you see Steven Moffat’s end to series 5 of Doctor Who yet?


What are you lads and lasses waiting on, eh?! Before you go, Watch/listen to the 11th Doctor(Matt Smith) jam with Orbital covering the Who theme for what has to be the billionth time.

Don’t get us wrong. Each time is magical.

Pity Moffat didn’t use this theme for the series 5 opening. There’s always a chance for series 6, we suppose.

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Tuesday Tease: What is PAUL?

PAUL is a cross country nerd-infused road trip with aliens. Two of these aliens are British in nature(Simon Pegg and Nick Frost). The third alien is from outer space.

What is PAUL? is the official production blog for Pegg and Frost written cross-country comedy vehicle. Above we’ve provided the Flickr slide show from Frost’s July pictures.

Sources close to us inform that the PAUL script is most satisfying on multiple levels. You’d better get used to us talking PAUL because it’s gonna be our focus in the weeks and months to come til it hits the silver screen.

(via Live for Film, whatispaul)

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Oh, Dalek-Tree. Oh, Dalek-Tree. It’s Christmas Please Don’t Kill Us…


*Clears throat* :

Oh, Dalek-Tree. Oh, Dalek-Tree.
It’s Christmas Please Don’t Kill Us.
I didn’t mean to laugh at you.
“Ex-ter-min-ate!” will make me blue.
Now I must go run and flee.
Or hit you with a school bus.*

(*Sung to the tune of “Oh, Christmas Tree.” duh.)

(**Video of Dalek tree after the jump.)

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