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Podcast Listens: Shameless Plug Edition: Blast Shields Down, Episode 2: MOON, Hard-SciFi at It’s Best

Hold on to your spacesuits, faithful listener. The Blasters get incredibly nerdy and philosophical on this one.

Discussed in this episode: Mellow Sam vs Angry Sam, the future of energy, will robots become better liars than humans and why @C_Duncan is wrong about his “improvements” to this hard science fiction classic.

This episode has the distinction of being the most popular download in the Blast Shields Down series. Find out why.

HOST :@Groonk

LISTEN: [powerpress]

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Listen: Girl On Guy’s, Aisha Tyler, Talks to Army Corporal Jeremy Keuhl

We were unsure how to focus on Veteran’s Day 2011 until we cycled into Aisha Tyler’s November 10th upload of her podcast Girl on Guy. In this episode she talks to Army Corporal Jeremy Kuehl.

Listen via the embed below.

in honor of veteran’s day, i sat down with a young veteran and wounded warrior, army corporal jeremy kuehl, to talk not just about his sacrifice, but his life, his dreams, how he got here, and where he’s going. it’s a great conversation, honest, funny, unvarnished and real. i hope it makes the meaning of the overseas conflict a bit more personal for you, and I hope you enjoy it.

Look Closer
Jeremy Kuehl photoblog
The Wounded Warriors Project
Donate to the USO

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Nikola Tesla. He Saw Machines Swirling in His Head

The Groonk Nation admires most things Tesla, mad genius that he was. Others are talking about him now. Others are writing books with detailed history.

Studio 360 is podcasting about it all.

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DANGER: DIABOLIK Old School Comic-2-Movie

Funny the things you learn when you’re not looking for them.

Danger:Diabolik the comic.

(via diabolik google video and film junk)

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You Should Be Watching Veronica Belmont

This burned up the Tubes yesterday. I just stopped laughing long enough to share the goodness that is Ms Belmont.

Her homage to Ze Frank made me re-miss The Show all over again. Ze Frank, stop hating us and share more vidz plz.


(via mahalo daily)

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Iraqis Podcast About their Lives

Instead of solely relying on the oft times half-assedness of CNN or the complete idiocy of Fox News, get a better idea about life in Iraq from actual Iraqis.

Alive in Baghdad founder Brian Conley explains it all in this Rocketboom mach II clip

(via rocketboom mach II)

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Ze Bastardizes YOU! But it’s More Complicated Than That

Joanne from Rocketboom Mach II reluctantly amuses me. Amanda Congdon still hasn’t exposed her new public plans but seeing her “Where are they now?” feature made me miss her. Ze breaks down complex issues like music, dancing, and playing with your penis in public within a 5 minute show.

Team Joanne. Team Congdon. Team Ze.


FYI: Just “playing with it” is how I learned photoshop, coreldraw(back in the day), html, and several other skills.

I said skills, not “skills”.

Gutter mind.

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Loveline: Saving the “babies”!

Hello America.

Once again I can access Loveline. Once again I hear all your sexual functions/disfunctions. I know about your vaginusmus. Your multiple orgasmic “problems”.

The Loveline Podcast was revealed to me thanks to 7d. All MP3 downloadable. Current episodes available via iTunes.

I hear your filthy secrets America…and I am intrigued, horrified…and generally entertained.

Keep calling the show, America.

Keep me woefully entertained.


P.S. If you don’t stop eating the fish, the smell will be noticeable….down there(Rainn Wilson & B.J. Novak from The Office know what I mean).

P.P.S. The Unofficial Loveline Quote Archive kicks all sorts of ass.


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Podability: WikiPod and TextPod perrogatives


And that’s very FREE.


Podzinger is a service that aggregates hundreds of thousands of episodes of podcasts, converts the entire text of the casts to text, and then delivers a searachable index. You go to Podzinger, search for a search, and you get back all the podcasts that have mentioned that term — along with embedded players that can play you back the whole podcast, or just those segments where the keywords are mentioned. In a nutshell, this lets you do Tehcnorati-style full-text searching of podcasts, treating them like textual blog-entries.
(via boingboing)

Also FREE.

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HOW TO: Video Podcast

As taught by french maids.

French maids.

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