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Today in Star Wars: HowCast’s Simple Instructions on Turning to the Dark Side

For a good run, about 5 years ago, we had Step 3 down pat.

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Art-Out Moment: 2010 Scott Pilgrim Box Set Poster Animated for Your Enjoyment

As you may know, we love it when talented artists share their process on the Internets. Bryan Lee O’Malley animated his process creating the cover for the Scott Pilgrim comics box set 2010. He walked through the process the old fashioned way in the post before.

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The Sunday Punch, 2nd Strike: A Brief Study in Batman, 4 Creative Uses for The Dark Knight

Hey Oscar Wilde’s Tumblr art collection ranges far and wide. Of course, it includes many instances of Batman. here are four creative uses for the owner of vengeance and the night, BATMAN.

In no particular order.

1) How to Draw Batman

How to Draw Batman by Carmine Infantino. Scanned from Limited Collectors’ Edition: Batman (DC Comics/1974)

2) Costume Study of batman by Paul Pope
Genius artist Paul Pope broke down the masked revenger into his basic bits, according to Paul Pope.

Costume study of Batman by artist [Paul Pope].

Scanned from the Batman:Year 100 collection (DC Comics/2007).

3) Secrets of the Batcave
Ever wonder what was going on under stately Wayne Manor? Wonder no more.

Secrets of the Batcave by artist [Frank Springer].

Taken from Batman Collectors Edition (National Periodical Publication/1975). Originally presented in Batman #203 circa 1968.

Thanks to [] for the artist/publishing history information.

4) Batman Diorama

Neal Adams drawn Batman desktop diorama. The click through version of this image has been optimized to be printed on 8 1/2’ by 11’ card stock paper and then assembled. Scanned from Limited Collectors’ Edition: Batman (DC Comics/1974)

Note: CLicking the imag ehere leads you to Hey Oscar Wilde which then leads you to the main image. Sorry about that. We are careful on what full-sized images we allow on this site.

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LEARN: C. G. P. Grey Explains the United Kingdom in Under 6 Minutes

Check out Grey’s Blog for the entire script.

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Moment of Who: Make Your Own K9 Shoulder Bag

Hey Oscar Wilde’s random art Tumblr is filled with many interesting finds.

Notice the K9 shoulder bag this young lass is sporting(circa 1984). Well, you could make your own. If you are so inclined(check below the jump for instructions).

(We wouldn’t be against a 21st century update or a kind reader sending said bag to the Groonk Nation. What? Much like Colbert, we’re not above begging for free stuff from talented people.)

Taken from the Doctor Who Pattern Book (Carol Publishing Group/1984).

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Art-Out Moments: Drawing Character Body Types

Understanding how a character looks is pretty important when you set out to make a comic. People’s outward appearance are how you(the reader) first interact with the character. That seems like a stupid simple thing to say but we have a habit of seeing a character’s insides before we have a thought on their outsides.

Anyway, writers can learn a lot by studying an artist’s process.

Below are examples from What Are You Doing with an extra link from Intergalactic Messages on photo references.

Character line ups:
Ladies | Guys | Wallpaper | Olympic Photo models

This is a photoshoot of various Olympic athletes by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein titled “The Athlete”. Like many others I tend to fall into the trap of drawing the same body type over and over for athletic characters. This photoshoot serves as awesome reference reminding us artists that strong bodies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and muscles show up in different ways. It also helps us keep in mind that not everyone who is fit is also lean. There’s often a layer of fat over the muscles, making them less visible for some.

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A Guitar Lesson from Kirby Krackle. Learn to Play “Secret Identity” #musicmonday

Our love for nerd rockers Kirby Krackle is new but powerful. Within hours of hearing them we bought every album available.

Now Krackle member Kyle Stevens is teaching fans how to play their song “Secret Identity” on the guitar.

You don’t have to try so hard for our affection, KK. You had us at “Zombie Apocalypse.”

Official site:
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Signalnoise’s James White Creates Proper ‘Green Lantern’ Poster, Teaches You His Process

Visual artist and designer James White has drawn our attention for more than a few months now. He makes art both colorful and cool. The above fan made Green Lantern movie poster falls under both.

The Lantern in this design is obviously not the Ryan Reynolds version. They modernized his costume for the film with neat effects and all that which I’m sure will look cool onscreen, but my Lantern is the classic Hal Jordan version with the nicely designed black and green cloth and white gloves.

We never realized how much the white gloves made the black and green uniform pop visually until they put that fiber and mesh green outfit on Ryan Reynolds for the movie. Maybe Reynolds’ suit will look better as a finished effect.

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