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Saturday Afternoon Theater: BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE: The Art of Japanese Special Effects

By chance we scanned a tweet from @wildgrounds sharing a link to the documentary BRINGING GODZILLA DOWN TO SIZE: The Art of Japanese Special Effects(2008). This is a documentary interviewing the actors, special effects artists, directors and the like about the insane popularity of the Godzilla franchise and why, after all these years, the king of all monsters who still stomps about Tokyo the the 21st century remains a man in a rubber suit.

Watch the documentary below the cut.

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Art-Out Moment: Conjunction Junction Train Model of a Function

We spent many mornings dedicated to Saturday morning cartoons in the 1970s and 1980s. Between the airings of Mighty Orbots and Dungeons & Dragons, the television studios treated the kid faring nation with the animated musical educational theater Schoolhouse Rocks. This is one of the avenues where we learned our math, American history, science and, of course, grammar.

Starship Modeler’s Silly Week proves that the inspiration did not stop with the basics of education. As you can see above, Alvis 3.1 has taken to the arts and recreated the eponymous “Conjunction Junction.” The results, in our not so humble opinion, is bloody gorgeous. Follow the link to see closer views of “and”, “but” and “or”.
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Today in Star Wars: R2D2 Playing the Game

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Art-Out Moments: Drawing Character Body Types

Understanding how a character looks is pretty important when you set out to make a comic. People’s outward appearance are how you(the reader) first interact with the character. That seems like a stupid simple thing to say but we have a habit of seeing a character’s insides before we have a thought on their outsides.

Anyway, writers can learn a lot by studying an artist’s process.

Below are examples from What Are You Doing with an extra link from Intergalactic Messages on photo references.

Character line ups:
Ladies | Guys | Wallpaper | Olympic Photo models

This is a photoshoot of various Olympic athletes by Howard Schartz and Beverly Ornstein titled “The Athlete”. Like many others I tend to fall into the trap of drawing the same body type over and over for athletic characters. This photoshoot serves as awesome reference reminding us artists that strong bodies come in all kinds of shapes and sizes and muscles show up in different ways. It also helps us keep in mind that not everyone who is fit is also lean. There’s often a layer of fat over the muscles, making them less visible for some.

via intergalactic messages, what are you doing

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