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Artist, Jean Giraud aka Moebius (1938-2012)

Jean Giraud’s art found its way to you. You just was not aware.

View the Tumblr Quenched Consciousness for a comprehensive collection of Jean Giraud’s work.

Neil Gaiman on Moebius

Gaiman’s full eulogy on Moebius can be found at his journal post Remembering Moebius.

He drew different stories in different styles, and the only thing they seemed to have in common was that they were beautiful. -Neil Gaiman

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In Search of Moebius

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illustration by Moebius :: scanned from The Art of Star Wars Galaxy :: Topps Publishing :: 1993

Moebius’ Iron Man

Moebius Comics, issue 1 from Caliber Press, 1996

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The War Photography of Tim Hetherington

We ran across this photo by Tim Hetherington over two months ago. We didn’t have the heart to close the tab on it.

Hetherington was a war photographer who died 20th April 2011 covering the conflict in Libya.

To leave condolences for Tim, please visit

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Found: Skeleton of Roman Lovers Buried Holding Hands.This is How Love Ends.

Take from it what you will. This is not the first time we’ve noted past humans sharing death’s embrace.

Together for eternity: The skeletons of Roman lovers buried together holding hands

The pair are believed to have been buried together 1,500 years ago in a joint tomb inside the palace walls in Modena, indicating some sort of nobility towards the dying days of the Roman empire.

Observers say the woman seems to be looking lovingly at what scientists believe is her partner.

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Found: Ardnamurchan Viking Boat Burial, Fully Intact & Shipwreck of Kublai Khan’s Lost Feet, Possibly

First, the viking:

The term “fully-intact”, used to describe the find, means the remains of the body along with objects buried with it and evidence of the boat used were found and recovered.

The Ardnamurchan Viking was found buried with an axe, a sword with a decorated hilt, a spear, a shield boss and a bronze ring pin.

About 200 rivets – the remains of the boat he was laid in – were also found.

Previously, boat burials in such a condition have been excavated at sites on Orkney.

Now, the shipwreck:

In Japanese legend they are known as The Kamikaze — the divine winds — a reference to two mighty typhoons placed providentially seven years apart which, in the 13th century, destroyed two separate Mongol invasion fleets so large they were not eclipsed until the D-Day landings of World War II.

Marine archaeologists now say they have uncovered the remains of a ship from the second fleet in 1281 — believed to have comprised 4,400 vessels — a meter below the seabed, in 25 meters of water off the coast of Nagasaki, Japan.

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Goodbye, Tequila Cat. We Hope they Serve Patron in Kitty Heaven

+Matt Staggs reshares a Redditors photo of their recently deceased cat. This could, and should, easily be a lovely Internet Meme.

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Entrepreneur , Steve Jobs (1955 2011)

We have issues with Apple and their policies but Steve Jobs is not a faceless company. Without Jobs we would not be able to hold the future in the palm of our hand.

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Clarence Clemons, The Big Man, (1942 – 2011)

But it is with Springsteen that his name will be most associated. Indeed “The Boss” was ever-keen to acknowledge Clemons’s importance in altering his fortunes when he was a struggling singer-songwriter, notably singing in Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out about the moment “the Big Man joined the band”.

The song was featured on Springsteen’s breakthrough album Born To Run. Significantly, the front cover shot portrayed Springsteen leaning for support on the 6ft 2in, 18-stone Clemons. “With Clarence at my side,” Springsteen said, “my band and I were able to tell stories far deeper than those simply contained in our music.”

The Telegraph
RIP Clarence Clemons: Internet Mourns Death of The Big Man [VIDEOS]
Wikipedia Clarence Clemons
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Sad Moment of Who: Actor Roy Skelton, Voice of the Daleks, (1931 – 2011)

The voice actor recently explained he always tried to bring a “happy energy” to his work.

He said: “I’ve been very lucky, but I hope I have brought a certain happy energy to my work. I suppose I have a voice that can grab and colour a character in, I hope, an exciting way.

“I have been very lucky because I have always been doing a job that gave me so much pleasure.”

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RESTREPO Director Tim Hetherington and Photographer Chris Hondros Killed in Libya

Hetherington was with a group of photo journalists who were all injured in the attack, including Getty Images photographer Chris Hondros, whose wounds are said to be “grave.”

Above is an ABC news video about the tragedy with a trailer to RESTREPO included.

We’ve not seen RESTREPO yet. A good friend and Iraq veteran has insisted that it should be at the top of our to-watch list.

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Elisabeth Sladen, Dr Who’s Sarah Jane Smith, (1948 – 2011)

Sladen was most known—and absolutely beloved—for her portrayal of journalist Sarah Jane Smith on Doctor Who, a role that she made popular in the 1970s and reprised once again in 2006 along with the revival of the series. This eventually led to her starring in the character’s own program, The Sarah Jane Adventures, which recently concluded its fourth season in the fall of 2010.

Current showrunner Steven Moffat had this to say of Sladen: “Never meet your heroes” wise people say. They weren’t thinking of Lis Sladen.

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