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Smile, It’s Charlie Chaplin’s 122nd Birthday

In case you haven’t noticed, Google is celebrating Charlie Chaplin‘s 122nd birthday with a special silent video doodle.

You can view the video on You Tube by clicking the image below.

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Moment of Who: The Search for Time Lord Technology is On

via r/doctorwho

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Urlesque Didn’t Start the Fire, Has Fun with Google Instant

Billy Joel’s anthem to the “same shit, different day” mentality, as applied to the history of the world, was 20 years ago. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” is 20 years old!

Urlesque remembered Mr Joel, saw Google Instant and created an opportunity.

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Visualize: Map the BP Oil Disaster to Your Location, Gain Perspective

When descriptions are good enough, what is needed is a little visual perspective. Above you see the output from a Google Maps mashup of the Gulf Oil mayhem relative to our location in the world.

To get your own map, follow the link.

via In Perspective

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Google is Sneaky, Quietly Shares their Electronic Tablet Concept

While the world continues to express their like or dislike or lack of caring about the sexy, yet creatively impotent, Apple iPad, Google sneaks their ideas about what a fully functional electronic notepad should look and work.

Hey, Google! Have you met Bonner R&D?

Video under the jump.

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: Pulp Wave Fiction

From Joe Sabia of Get Whirled we present to you Pulp Wave Fiction. We’re still working through how best to use the newly acquired Google Wave. Of all the Google Wave demos that’s passed before our eyes, this bit of cinema here is the best tutorial on the market.

The less amusing Google Wave Cinema: Good Will Hunting is worth a watch but not an embed.

Next week look for something more fitting with the season.

Editor’s Note: Apparently we’re gonna have to play hot potato with this gem of a parody. You have been warned.

(via @willentrekin)

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Google Tracks Your Disease, All of Them

A new website, HealthMap, addresses that challenge by siphoning up text from Google News, the World Health Organization and online discussion groups, then filtering it and boiling it down into mapped data that researchers — and the public — can use to track new disease outbreaks, region by region.

There is so much information on the web about disease outbreaks but it’s obscured by garbage and noise,” said John Brownstein, a professor at Harvard Medical School, and co-founder of “The idea of HealthMap is to get filtered, valuable information to the public and public health community in one freely available resource.”

(via abc news, healthmap)

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Redstone Arsenal Rocket Goes Bada Boom, Scares 5 Counties

Something blew the fuck up late last night. I mistook it for thunder or my lead-footed upstairs neighbor. It seems, I was wrong on both counts.

Around 11 p.m. a loud boom was reported in southeast Huntsville, east Limestone, Morgan and Marshall counties.

Across 5 counties this was heard. I heard and *felt* it. Rattled the building, it did. If you follow the link you see that the typical Huntsville geek, named Opticron, has taken it upon himself to be Super Geektastic (not in a good way) and track the latitude and longitude of the origin.

Who is the bigger geek, him for tracking or me for bothering to Google Map it, I’ll let you decide. I just want to know what blew the hell up. (Looking at you, Redstone Arsenal.)

(via me)

EDIT: The reigning theory is a sonic boom from an aircraft. I’m cool with that, although I’ve no idea why you would test aircraft here. I wasn’t even sure military jets bothered to land here. It’s mostly helicopters and rockets round these parts.

UPDATE: And so the Arsenal admits to blowing up half a million dollar rocket late into the night.

Around 11 p.m. a loud boom was reported in southeast Huntsville, Limestone, Morgan, Marshall, Lawrence and DeKalb counties.

The slow cook-off test involves placing a rocket engine in a stove-like piece of equipment and heating it until the engine blows. Normally the tests are scheduled to explode in the afternoons, but this one ran later – much later.

The low clouds helped carry the sound to at least five surrounding counties.

Before the Arsenal released a statement, The Andalusia Star News had speculations.