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Stephen Hawking Ruffles Feathers and Remains Future-Fearful

Earlier this morning for some reason, Stephen Hawking upset some people with his Burly Man words.

Stephen Hawking says universe not created by God
God did not create the universe, the man who is arguably Britain’s most famous living scientist says in a forthcoming book.

In the new work, The Grand Design, Professor Stephen Hawking argues that the Big Bang, rather than occurring following the intervention of a divine being, was inevitable due to the law of gravity.

In his 1988 book, A Brief History of Time, Hawking had seemed to accept the role of God in the creation of the universe. But in the new text, co-written with American physicist Leonard Mlodinow, he said new theories showed a creator is “not necessary”.

Stephen Hawking just declared that Gravity is God!

See what we did there?

We have some notes for those so ready to jump on Professor Hawking’s words and shout across the world because you think you need to be heard, too.

Religious right. Calm down. Just because one brilliant scientist aired his beliefs about the universe and everything in it does not mean it invalidates your faith in whatever. Not everyone has to believe what you believe for it to be valid.

Atheists. Settle down. The universe, and multi-verse, is a big place. It’s where we keep all our stuff. There’s no need to get all culty, know-it-all, froth at the mouth and point fingers while dancing the I-told-you-so dance. There’s bound to be something out there that challenges you straight to your mortal core. Want to lay odds on that thing being unexplainable?

There’s no reason for science and religion to exist separately. Others far wiser than our humble self have postulated on this. We don’t have it all figured out any more than you. (Though at times you’d be hard pressed to believe that.) There’s no filling a cup that’s already full. (Stop those snarky typing fingers. That phrase did exist before James Cameron thought to throw it into AVATAR. )

Are your feathers unruffled now? Good.

Now look below to let Stephen Hawking freak-out your future.

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A BP Minute: Wherein We Ponder the Wisdom of Nick Holmes.

We’ve enjoyed actor Nick Holmes Tumblr for quite some time now. It is a breath of fresh Internet and brevity of wit on a daily basis.

When he does speak, we can’t help but to wonder…

“There’s an American flag on the moon, a robot on Mars, I can practically make a feature film on my phone; and they can’t stop a leak.” -Nick Holmes

Why is Nick Holmes not famous yet?

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Visualize: Map the BP Oil Disaster to Your Location, Gain Perspective

When descriptions are good enough, what is needed is a little visual perspective. Above you see the output from a Google Maps mashup of the Gulf Oil mayhem relative to our location in the world.

To get your own map, follow the link.

via In Perspective

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How To: Creating the Empathic Civilization

Located below the jump is a video animation that was making the Internet rounds a few weeks ago. Having taken the time to view it we are now sharing it with you, faithful reader. What it entails is author Jeremy Rifkin exploring the evolution of empathy.

It’s a comic drawn on a whiteboard brought to life through the illusion of animation.

It’s also one to grow on.

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“A Tangle of Dull Grey,” NASA Views Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill from Space

The Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) instrument on NASA’s Terra satellite captured a natural-color image. The oil slick appeared as a tangle of dull gray on the ocean surface, made visible to the satellite sensor by the sun’s reflection on the ocean surface. On May 1, most of the oil slick was southeast of the Mississippi Delta.

via NASA

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Stephen Hawking Believes in Alien Planet Jackers, More Doomy Dooms of Doom

We find it curious that when scientist Albert Harrison says a visiting alien race may be as petty as humans back in January 2010, no one bats an eyelash.

Stephen Hawking says the same thing and accompanies the statement with ILM level visual effects and time on the Discovery Channel, everyone won’t shut up about humanity’s doom.
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Science!: Table-Top Black Holes, NSA Building a World Computer, and The Future Sabotage of the LHC

Science, you engine of discovery. What have you been doing the last few weeks?

Table-Top Black Holes

Desktop Black HolesThe desktop black hole, described in a paper submitted to arXiv on Monday, is made from 60 concentrically arranged layers of circuit board. Each layer is coated in copper and printed with patterns that alternately vibrate or don’t vibrate in response to electromagnetic waves.

Together, the patterns completely absorbed microwave radiation coming from any direction, and converted their energy to heat.

If black hole powered cars are in reach, we think the lack of a certain flying car can be overlooked. Don’t take this the wrong way. You’re not off the hook for our personalized jet dirigible yet.

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COMICS WEEK: Persepolis Creator, Marjane Satrapi, Talks Iran Election

When Comics Attack nothing is left to chance. Humor, action, sorrow, and nadshots are but a few of the tools in your tool belt to illicit thought. But what happens when comics get political?


Marjane Satrapi’s Persepolis was a graphic novel long before it became a movie. We have yet to experience either media. Persepolis is about “a young woman growing up in a changing Iran.” Given the current Iran election turmoil, it seemed the least we could do was bring the book back into the public eye.

…amidst the current chaos surrounding the Iranian election results, Satrapi stood alonside Mohsen Makhmalbaf, filmmaker and spokesman for opposition candidate Mir Hossein Mousavi, at the European Parliament to protest the results, with a document claiming to throw serious doubt on the numbers.

A new comic is sure to follow. Looks like we have some reading and netflixing to do.

(via bleeding cool)

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40 Rousing Speeches in 2 Minutes, Get You Through the Day

A quick diversion to Viral Video points out the number 3 most shared video today is 40 Inspirational Speeches in 2 Minutes.

Now if only, if only, these could be edited in to the next feel-good-action-blow-them-up summer movie experience (also known as any Michael Bay movie) we’d all be the better for it.

(via viral video, fire it up YouTube!)

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