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The Sunday Punch: The Cast of COMMUNITY is Batman Now.

These samples of fan made awesome began appearing on the blog-o-nets in December 2011. We kept the links in cold storage until we could better parse them through this site. Now TV internet is abuzz with COMMUNITY’s return to television.

March 15th on Thursday nights.

We feel now’s the time to share these fan images made by Deviant artist, Kinjamin. Just follow this here Community link to learn the method behind his character cosplaying madness.

via Rampaged Reality
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Moment of Who vs. Today in Star Wars: Dr Who/Star Wars Prequels Video Mashup is Here! Nerds Head Asplode.

Rick Kelvington has an all possessing love of Dr Who. That’s the only explanation for the insane mashups going on over at his YouTube channel. This prequel mashup is actually a sequel to the original mashup that debuted last year. How the hell we missed  that one for an entire year is beyond us. It’s good to be surprised. It means we are seeing daylight once in a bit.

Any Who…ahem… Mr Kelvington we salute the time and effort put into making this bit of awesome. Seeing Tom Baker and David Tennant together on the same screen was extra helpings of win all on their own.

via geeks of doom

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It’s Christmas Eve, Boys and Girls. Be Good or the Krampus Will Whip You.

Twitterer @RonSalas retweeted an old Christmas card @CalamityJon created a few years ago.

The Krampus is an old myth that the Venture Brothers introduced us to a few years ago. Take a walk through YouTube and you’ll find tons of contemporary parade and Traditional Krampus videos all up in there.

Now imagine our surprise when we learned obscure mythologist writer most extraordinary, Neil Gaiman, did not know of the Krampus.

We’re still reeling from this revelation. Reality as we know it may never recover.

via @ronsalas

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Moment of Who: All Eleven Doctors as South Park Characters

via live for films

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Moment of Who: Doctor Whooves, Scribbly Wibbly at its Finest(?)




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Moment of Who: All the Strange Creatures Dancing Like Peanuts Characters

Here we see the second time we have been happy to see a Silurian in the Whoniverse.

For the first time please reference the inter-species lesbian Victorian detective couple from the Dr Who mid-season cliffhanger, “A Good Man Goes to War.”

via Blastr

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Saturday Afternoon Moment of Who: Paul Johnson’s Anime Doctor Who is Finished!

Otaking aka Paul Johnson has finished his anime Dr Who project. We followed this project for three years now. It’s been worth the wait.

Drop below the cut for the 13 minute trailer experience.
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Waves from the ‘Verse: River Tam and the Fireflies for Sale on Etsy,

She can kill you with her songs. Also, her mind.

Our attention to this was captured by the TeeFury newsletter in our email last week. The shirt is currently not buyable.

The prints, however, are!

If you mosey on over to Joebot’s Etsy you may be able to buy one of the few left.

(Or you can buy one for us. Our wall is cold and lacks the proper amount of Firefly love.)

Official site:

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The Sunday Punch: Batman. In Power Armor. Riding a Segway.

Here’s a curious find from Starshipmodeler. We’re willing to bet it is the most unique take on a Batmobile outside of the comics.

The CoMMiES had a contest recently: to build a Batmobile out of something that wasn’t already a Batmobile. This is my entry. It is a modified SF3D Super Armored Fighting Suit, from the original Nitto 1:20 scale issue. I love SF3D and Ma.K, but this is the first from this series that I’ve actually finished.
That was it for my initial idea, but then I thought, ”You know, that’s just a funny take on Batman. But it’s no Batmobile.” So as I was building the suit, I started scratchbuilding something for him to ride. That’s right, a Bat Segway.

via medicmike, starshipmodeler

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Moment of Who: Man Builds TARDIS in Backyard, Slightly Bigger on Inside

This is my scratchbuild TARDIS. It is approximately 142 cm wide (56″) and 215 cm (7ft) high. Taking almost a month, on and off, with supplies from the local hardware store, this huge construction used mostly: 6″ x 4″, 6″ x 2″ and 2″ x 1″ wood, with the plastic and creative thinking for the windows. The roof has a slight lean, to allow water to drip away. The whole shed is covered in 2 coats for protective fence paint, the roof having 2 coats of extra varnish as well. The light also works at the top, but only a night; it was a garden solar light that has been screwed to the roof. As the photos show, it really is bigger in the inside (due to the dropped base).

Best. Storage shed. Ever.

Check out more photos of Martin Shepherd’s TARDIS on his Starship Modeler page.

via MedicMike, Starshipmodeler

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