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One-Sheet Wonder: Chris Nolan’s Batman has a Design Scheme, Well Planned

Rob Sheridan points out that Chris Nolan’s Batman has a design scheme of legend.

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Moment of…Fright: David Tennant Finally gets some Recognition for Being in FRIGHT NIGHT

This re-make of the classic 1980s FRIGHT NIGHT character poster makes it into the Moment of Who files by the shear audacity of David Tennant(known to this generation of Whovians as the 10th Doctor) dresssed like a fan cosplay mashup gone terribly goth.

Don’t get us wrong. The main reason we’re watching this movie is to support David Tennant breaking into Hollywood and getting more big screen roles. We’re fine with this movie’s updated sense using Tennant to jack douchebag Cris Angel’s swagger. The rest of the poster, however, gives us pause.

But this tag line: “He’s raising the stakes.” Are you serious with that? And either he has a serious blood-in-urine problem or someone needs to dial down on using thathandy blood splatter tutorial they found on Internet.

All snark aside, you canv iew the rest of the character posters over on Geeks of Doom.

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Phil Noto’s X-MEN FIRST CLASS Poster Easily Out-Awesomes Official Posters

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One-Sheet Wonder: New CONAN Motion Poster, On a Hill of Skulls He Stands

Below the jump we’ve listed the new CONAN THE BARBARIAN motion poster. We like the idea of these new motion posters. We just hate it when they autoplay at speaker blowing levels.

When’s it coming?
August 19, 2011
Official site:
We find no official site as of yet. That’s a bit bad form this late in the game.
Update: Thanks to an alert reader, we now have the official site:
We’ll keep the Wiki link up for good measure.
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One-Sheet Wonder: Tom Whalen’s PAUL Poster. Dramatic, Inviting, Friendly

Many thanks to Tom Whalen for making Paul not look like the hideous alien thing we’ve seen in all the trailers for PAUL. Either we’re getting old and fear-monger-y or we’ve been corrupted by the Disneyfacation of alien folk.

Still can’t wait to see this movie.

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Chris Evans CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER Teaser Poster Released, One Step Closer to Assembly

Jumping on today’s posting bandwagon.

We gotta say that Chris Evans is more Steve Rogers than we ever figured he would be.

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Mini-Overload of TRON: LEGACY Links that wouldn’t Fit Anywhere Else

“On Astronomy Minors”

The three laws of journalism are:

1) Inform the public of matters of public import.
2) Entertain the audience, when it does not interfere with the first law.
2) Sneak in puns when it does not interfere with the first two laws, unless it’s a really good one.

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Original Tron vs. New Tron

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SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of TRON LEGACY

Flix Of Doom: Episode 25: ‘TRON: Legacy’ Special

Check out Episode 25 of the Flix of Doom podcast, the official movie podcast of Geeks of Doom, with hosts Empress Eve and Justin Vactor.

In this episode Justin is joined by friends of the show, FrankRamblings and Revision3’s Graham Hancock to talk all about Tron: Legacy!

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Signalnoise’s James White Creates Proper ‘Green Lantern’ Poster, Teaches You His Process

Visual artist and designer James White has drawn our attention for more than a few months now. He makes art both colorful and cool. The above fan made Green Lantern movie poster falls under both.

The Lantern in this design is obviously not the Ryan Reynolds version. They modernized his costume for the film with neat effects and all that which I’m sure will look cool onscreen, but my Lantern is the classic Hal Jordan version with the nicely designed black and green cloth and white gloves.

We never realized how much the white gloves made the black and green uniform pop visually until they put that fiber and mesh green outfit on Ryan Reynolds for the movie. Maybe Reynolds’ suit will look better as a finished effect.

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Tuesday Tease: Official PAUL Teaser Poster is Here! Titular Alien Still Creepy.

Despite our opinion of Paul’s freaky greenish alien carapace, we’re still in the future line for this flick.

Just try and stop us.

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Better Not Suck: SKYLINE, Aliens have Converted Dyson’s Bagless-Technology into Human-Sucking Motherships. Uh Oh.

Official Synopsis

After a night of partying, a group of friends are distracted when beams of light awaken everyone in Los Angeles, that then attract every person like a moth to a flame. As the night progresses, they soon discover that once exposed to the light, they vanish into thin air, caused by extraterrestrial forces that later threaten to swallow the entire human species.

What We Learned: Somebody must have put the kibosh on using scientist Stephen Hawking‘s theories on alien civilizations as a clever marketing campaign. Canon: gets the clearest pictures of what our future alien overlords want to do with us. Fast cars won’t outrun the alien apocalypse. Don’t go into the light, Clarice.

Why We’ll Watch: You may or may not have noticed, faithful reader, that there are some creative projects on which we’re not sure how the final product will play out. Sure that trailer, concept art, or plot synopsis looks good but did that goodness translate into the finished piece? We’ve surreptitiously marked such posts with the tag ‘better not suck.’

From the SKYLINE trailer we perceive three possibilities.
1) It’ll be a fun, romp and stomp us against them action piece.
2) It’s a treatise on the effects of the “limelight” on large swaths of humanity. Bear with us on this. SKYLINE’s focus is on L.A. The hometown of super stardom. The Hollywood Machine(aliens) hovers down and selects(abducts) the precious few to become part of their special collective.
3) It’ll suck.

We’re hoping it’s the first choice. The second choice we’ll leave for our thesis paper.

When’s it coming? November 12, 2010. That’s right. Today!

Official site:

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