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Music Break: Sleigh Bells New Album, ‘Reign of Terror’ Streaming Free, All This Week

It was Nerdist podcast‘s latest episode that introduced us to the sounds of interviewed Seth Meyers as the band was doing their sound check for that week’s Saturday Night Live. As the interview went on we began listening to the sound check more than Seth Meyer. Sorry about that Mr Meyer. Their sound was unavoidable. By chance, or providence, a Google alert dropped this Flavorwire link advertising ‘Reign of Terror'(their latest album set to drop today, February 21, 2012) is streaming for free all this week on The New York Times site.

We’re possibly the last one to hear about Sleigh Bells. That’s okay. Collecting new music was never our strongest nerdy feature.

LISTEN(while you can): Sleigh Bells ‘Reign of Terror’

Official site:

via Flavorwire

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: GroBroPros SKYRIM 2012, Real Life as a MMORPG

We’ve a confession to make. Skyrim is our newest addiction. We’re on constant lookout for dragons dropping out of the blue or signs that that skeevy shop owner really will sell us his sister. It’s an addiction that’s hard to please as we don’t yet own that game.

The twins responsible for Grosjean Brothers Productions tapped into the Skyrim gaming phenomenon our sweet stress release and have made two great videos based on that game world.

We’re glad that the first video didn’t turn into a one-off video and we look forward to more in this series.

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Podcast Listens: Shameless Plug Edition: Blast Shields Down, Episode 2: MOON, Hard-SciFi at It’s Best

Hold on to your spacesuits, faithful listener. The Blasters get incredibly nerdy and philosophical on this one.

Discussed in this episode: Mellow Sam vs Angry Sam, the future of energy, will robots become better liars than humans and why @C_Duncan is wrong about his “improvements” to this hard science fiction classic.

This episode has the distinction of being the most popular download in the Blast Shields Down series. Find out why.

HOST :@Groonk

LISTEN: [powerpress]

Talk at us on:

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: NASA Tweetup with Cmdr. Doug “Wheels” Wheelock, “We Were Hanging on the Ragged Edge”

Astronaut and Expedition 25 Commander Doug “Wheels” Wheelock was the honored guest at a Tweetup held at NASA Headquarters on Mar. 16. More than 90 “Tweeps,” or users of the social medium Twitter, were on hand to see Wheelock’s presentation of his recent five-month-plus stay aboard the International Space Station.

We nerded-out hard on this. After scanning through You Tube subscriptions on the Droid X we came upon this tweet-up event with Commander @Astro_Wheels . We booted it up. Not thinking it’d be a long watch. After 30 minutes later we were still watching. Still entranced.

There’s a point when Commander Wheelock is talking about being on a dying spacecraft, the ISS, last summer and he mentions being on “the ragged edge.”

We dare you not to see him going Capt Mal Reynolds on the space station.

Now this video event is not as polished as a Reid Gower production. It’s clunky. It’s raw. And more important, it’s real. These are real people living and working in space just like the 1950s promised we all would be doing.

The future is here. The future is now and only a select few are experiencing space for a few months at a time. This is not what the idealist 1950s taught would happen. But it is the future they dreamed…sort of.

Also, apparently @Astro_Wheels became good friends with the lead singer of Five For Fighting through the unforeseen phenomenon and international communications device Twitter.

Commander Wheelock also talks about his early trepidations on using twitter and his eventual love of the service. He eventually learned that this simple social device was the platform on which he could communicate with the world stage. Taking with like-minded individuals worldwide and keeping the future space dream alive. Twitter has become how we talk to ourselves in the heavens.

The Future moves in strange ways.
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Mid-Afternoon Theater Presents: Monster Factory. It’s Totally ‘Kunk!’

What is it? Monster Factory is a “character toy brand” based in Canada. The toy store appears to have been around since 2003 but the web serials(above) look to be something new.

What We Learned: Monster Factory was found by Harry Myland through the ads on his webcomic Nomad Tofu. Like Harry’s comic, Monster Factory is a wonderful thing. This newly minted web series(5 episodes and rising) looks to be a promotional effort. Gotta get the kids, young and old, to the store to spend that hard earned cash on some cute plush monster action. We’ve watched the series from beginning to end. They’ve worked their magic on us.

In the video above we’ve included the trailer and the five episodes. If you like quirky comedy where muppet monsters and people exist in the same reality, you’ll definitely like what they’ve got cooking here.

Rating: E for everyone. A rare occurrence for this site no doubt. However that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

When to Watch: Next episode(as of this posting) is November 1st.

Official sites:!/_monsterfactory

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Play: DELIVER ME TO HELL, An Interactive Zombie Adventure.

Hell Pizza in New Zealand has created an interactive You Tube game to promote their “win a year’s supply of pizza” contest. It’s a 10-15 minute adventure once added together. At the end of each bit you get to choose which action our very dedicated Hell Pizza deliveryman must take.

Things learned from this clever You Tube marketing venture:
1)The annotations must be turned on in You Tube for you to be able to play.
2) Even during the much touted coming zombie apocalypse the pizza must be delivered on time.
3) Never trust a bloke in a bloody tux.
3a)Never pick up said bloke in said bloody tux. Even if he surrounded by walking death and you feel sorry for him. It’s Zombieland, people. Sacrifices have to be made.
3b)This goes double if said bloke puts on a fuzzy hat.
4)Clever marketing tactics can trump bad acting skills…barely.
5)As a kid we always died in the choose-your-own adventure stories the local bookstore sold. We should have this as a hint for all future decisions in life.
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Albertville Man Finds Baby Falcons on Shed, Streams them Live on Internet

Jay Mostella noticed earlier this week that a falcon had made a nest in his shed. He found that two of the three babies had fallen behind a pole, and were unable to get out or be fed. Mostella did some quick research and decided to step in to help.

Mostella pulled the babies out of the hole and hand-fed them worms, because they didn’t have enough strength to stand on their own. After feeding the babies, he and his family put them back in the nest. Mostella then set up a live webcam so he could watch them and see if the mother returned to care for them. She did, and so did the father.

He’s not doing this for money so in effort to save bandwidth exclusively for those willing to watch, we’re not embedding the video here. You can follow any of the links below and get your fill of nature in the raw.

via WHNT

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: A Vampire, a Werewolf, and a Zombie Walk into Funny or Die Videos…

Above you lay the three-part tale of Ed Helms as a Zombie-American.

Below the threshold you’ll find two more short tales of comedy mixed with horror.

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