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Rocketboom, YEA

After a conversation with Pentacleus weeks ago, it occurred to me that not many folk know who Rocketboom‘s Amanda Congdon is.

Hey, Amanda. That photo just screams, “sex!” I’m sure that was the target. I just wanted you to know you hit it.

Full-on bullseye.

WATCH: rocketboom_logo.jpg

Meet the sexy, geeky host that lives there.

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DJ Zoe: Certified Mixtape Badass

Her taste in music borders on genius. A pleasant blend of obscure and mainstream gems. She also podcasts better than most professional DJs.

Zoe’s, currently, 15 years old.

Go listen to her noise.

ZoeElleGirl.jpgIf you aren’t listening to Zoeradio you are really missing something. Zoe is 15 and has a podcast of stuff she’s listening to. I just finished listening to her Best of 2005 show which includes stuff by One Block Radius, The Hold Steady, Okkervil River, Brendan Benson, Alaska!, The Break and Repair Method, Dios Malos, Art Brut, Fannypack, Natasha Benningfield, Kanye West, Fallout Boy, Deerhoof, Jamie Lidell, The New Pornographers, The Books, and Ted Leo and it’s amazing. I’m really blown away by this and am downloading the rest of the episodes right now. This is seriously one of the best things I’ve come across online in a very long time. Forget everything I’ve said about how much radio in LA sucks, because thanks to Zoe it no longer does. The good stuff just isn’t actually on the radio.
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How the whole gig started.

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Spaceship Radio

Because they don’t have an about page(bad form people), I had to figure out…again…what the hell it was. Going back in their archives I finally got the idea.

Here we play public domain Sci/Fi radio plays. Lost treasures from the ’50s and ’40s, written by Sci/Fi legends.
Plans for the future include producing radio plays written by our listeners. If you have a tallent and would like the world to know please check out our “Script writing” contest.

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Tiki Bar TV Flashback

More on the Tiki Bar lifestyle.

There’s Tiki Bar Trivia.

And Tiki Bar Swag(soon to be updated).

(previously on gnet)

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Flipbook Action

In dabbling with the idea of simple animation, I racked my brain for weeks figuring out how to do it. There are books and internet tutorials of course, but I just have to do things the hard way.

In the latest Bre Petis Room 132 podcast, he had his kids make simple flip book animation. Which re-reminded me to KISS.

There are lots of things eating other things in the Room 132 flipbook action though. I wonder if his kids are mental.(I like the demon turning into penguin then eating a fish book the best. Maybe that makes me mental.)

Man I was so burned when it came to my public education. Did we make flipbooks back then? Hell no!

Just call me Bitter Groonk.

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NYC Blue Ball Machine

It was casual friday on November 18’s Rocketboom and the kids over there did a live skit involving those insidious blue balls.

Also, tragedy strikes the blue ball machine.

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Dr Tiki is In

Ponzu forwarded a link to Tiki Bar TV last weekend. “Forbidden Cocktails in a Swank Pad,” they boast.

I watched one and thought it was horrible. I gave it a third chance and ended up loving the thing.

These guys’ stupid antics grew on me something fierce.

And Lala..oooooh LALA!

You can watch them on iTunes and/or download them on your iPod video.

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Live Podcast Commentary for Galactica

This sure is a lot of effort for a series I give two shits about fucking love. The effort being my keeping up with their noise.

update: What changed my mind? Read if you dare care.

…Sci-Fi Channel is now offering a supplemental podcast for each episode of the new Battlestar Galactica, featuring real-time director’s commentary from Ronald D. Moore, executive producer. Basically it’s like the commentary feature on a DVD, except you not having to wait a couple of years for the actual DVD to come out; you load the commentary file to your iPod, hit play when the phrase “The Cylons Were Created By Man” appears on-screen, then pause it whenever a commercial break comes on. And even better, the whole thing’s hooked up to an RSS feed, so that commentaries can be automatically delivered to an MP3 player a few hours before the episode airs.

I may not like the show but I do like the way scifi is using technology totheir advantage. I only wish they would have done this with other, better shows.

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