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One-Sheet Wonder: Tom Whalen’s PAUL Poster. Dramatic, Inviting, Friendly

Many thanks to Tom Whalen for making Paul not look like the hideous alien thing we’ve seen in all the trailers for PAUL. Either we’re getting old and fear-monger-y or we’ve been corrupted by the Disneyfacation of alien folk.

Still can’t wait to see this movie.

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Tuesday Tease: Official PAUL Teaser Poster is Here! Titular Alien Still Creepy.

Despite our opinion of Paul’s freaky greenish alien carapace, we’re still in the future line for this flick.

Just try and stop us.

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Tuesday Tease: What is PAUL?

PAUL is a cross country nerd-infused road trip with aliens. Two of these aliens are British in nature(Simon Pegg and Nick Frost). The third alien is from outer space.

What is PAUL? is the official production blog for Pegg and Frost written cross-country comedy vehicle. Above we’ve provided the Flickr slide show from Frost’s July pictures.

Sources close to us inform that the PAUL script is most satisfying on multiple levels. You’d better get used to us talking PAUL because it’s gonna be our focus in the weeks and months to come til it hits the silver screen.

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