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Our Strange Sky: Canadians Launch a Lego Man Into Space, Films it All. Awesome Journey, Eh?

They claim to have more video on how they did it and extended footage in the works. We’ll keep an eye on their Facebook page for these bits.
Official site

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Our Strange Sky: “Red Snow Moon Over Edmonton “

Two weeks ago in the skies of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during the full snow moon the sky was red.


The temperature was so low, -25 C, that plumes of steam rose from neighboring oil refineries. The above image was taken during a momentary break in the plumes. The rising Moon appears red here for the same reason that a setting Sun appears red — because blue light is preferentially scattered away by intervening air.

via APOD

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A Fine Ship: Student Creates Human-Powered Ornithopter, Flies Like a Bird

13,000 years later, thopters will fly on Arrakis.

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Mid-Afternoon Theater Presents: Monster Factory. It’s Totally ‘Kunk!’

What is it? Monster Factory is a “character toy brand” based in Canada. The toy store appears to have been around since 2003 but the web serials(above) look to be something new.

What We Learned: Monster Factory was found by Harry Myland through the ads on his webcomic Nomad Tofu. Like Harry’s comic, Monster Factory is a wonderful thing. This newly minted web series(5 episodes and rising) looks to be a promotional effort. Gotta get the kids, young and old, to the store to spend that hard earned cash on some cute plush monster action. We’ve watched the series from beginning to end. They’ve worked their magic on us.

In the video above we’ve included the trailer and the five episodes. If you like quirky comedy where muppet monsters and people exist in the same reality, you’ll definitely like what they’ve got cooking here.

Rating: E for everyone. A rare occurrence for this site no doubt. However that doesn’t make it any less entertaining.

When to Watch: Next episode(as of this posting) is November 1st.

Official sites:!/_monsterfactory

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#MusicMonday: Yeasayer’s “Madder Red.” Wherein Super-Hotness Kristen Bell Cares for Her Pet Tumor.

We were unable to find a worthy screencap. You’ll just have to view the video below and decide for yourselves what’s going on.
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Man Punches Polar Bear in Nose, Survives. Gets Handshake.

Most days, the bear gets you. Last July, Wes Werbowy got the bear.

“The bear was like an apparition,” he said. “There was no beginning of the movement; there was no subtlety. It was ‘Vroomp!’ [and] he was there.

“The front of my tent is collapsed inward, and his nose is about two feet from my face.”

If Werbowy’s situation was not already dire enough, he said the polar bear was standing on his firearm, which he had left at the front of his now-collapsed tent.

So Werbowy said he did what an Inuit elder once told him to do: punch the polar bear in the nose.

“I quite believed it’s going to be the last thing I ever did, so I might as well do a good job,” he said. “The bear vanished as rapidly as he appeared.”

Every story, from now on, must include onomatopoeia.

This guy is full of life and anecdotes.

“My uncle fought a bear three times,” Enuapik told The Canadian Press. “The three encounters he had with a bear, he always would punch its nose. It’s the most sensitive part of the polar bear.”

Don’t take our word for it. Have a listen to his story in this CBC News interview.

Honestly, we can’t get enough of his words.

“I do not have a scratch, and the bear is alive. We didn’t have to kill him,” he said. “It was a win-win-win all the way around.”

Triple win, indeed. In the interview, Werbowy mentions telling an elder. of what he did. The elder replied that. “it was a good thing he did. That bear will never bother another human again.”

via cbc news

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Canadians Invade Alabama! Where Should @AlexandLuke Visit in Huntsville?

This will be quick.

Al.Com’s @MCuthbert informed:

Alexandra Sabine and Luke Vigeant are two Canadian travelers engaged in a massive social media experiment. They’re on a quest to visit every state in the U.S. and every province in Canada. And they’re doing it all based on recommendations from people on the Internet.

Together, they are Alex and Luke, and through their blog, Twitter feed, Facebook page, Gowalla check-ins, and YouTube videos, they solicit suggestions on what city to visit next — and also what to see, where to eat, and where to stay while there. Basically, they’re living their lives through crowd-sourcing.

Then he suggested:

@groonk Tell @alexandluke where to go while they’re in your city today! than a minute ago via Seesmic

They’re in Huntsville today. But these places have already been suggested.

After Birmingham, they’re heading up to Huntsville, where they may see the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, Big Spring Park, Harrison Brothers Hardware, Maple Hill Cemetery, or Monte Sano Mountain. Along they way, suggestions could take them to Rickwood Caverns in Warrior, Alabama or Ave Maria Grotto in Cullman.

So here’s our list of Huntsville visits:

US Space and Rocket Center. :
It’s already been suggested but we must reiterate. Walking around inside with the Rocket in a Box(authentic Saturn V rocket) might be preferable to running about in the Alabama heat. Also, the Space Center is hosting…

The Star Wars Experience:
“Where Science Meets Imagination,” is the catch phrase. We experienced the museum of a galaxy, far, far away on July 4th(Groonkly Bits on that later). It’s only in town for the summer. So it’d be foolish to miss it. We suggest the augmented reality games and the Millenium falcon movie(even though its an extra $5).

Beauregard’s :
If you like wings. If you want wings. If you need wings. There’s no place like it. We suggest the Jordan Lane location. Soak in the ambiance. If you’d rather have a burger, they got that, too. be sure to ask about the habanero sauce.


Cricket’s :
Also a wing’s place. Also very good. it’s out in Madison.

Soul Burger:
It’s a burger joint in a gym. How do you not visit?

Three Caves Quarry :
It’s hot out there, kids. But if you don’t mind walking to it, the caves should be cooler once inside.

We’re coming up blank for other things to do.

Huntsvillians, please share your recommendations in our comments or Alex and Luke’s web houses.
Facebook :
Main Site:

Alex and Luke visit Alabama

via matthew cuthbert,

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Friday Relax: The 2010 Olympic Torch. Vancouver’s Holding.


“We’re not worried about it at all,” Dave Cobb, the executive vice-president of the Vancouver Organising Committee said in response to a newspaper article that dubbed the torch “The Olympic Toke“.


The torch’s design is intended to “represent Canada through the contours of winter landscapes and lines of winter sports,” according VANOC’s website.

Having missed out on the first unveiling of Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympic torch, @sevendaggers felt we should be informed of the hooha.

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Geek Networking of the 1990s was Quaint, Televised, Canadian

Explore the origins of Sci Fi fandom. See how little Neil Gaiman has changed in 15 years. Recoil at the (usual) curtness of Harlan Ellison. Be amazed by the teenaged Garth Ennis.

Chuckle at 90s TV graphics. I could probably do a rather long essay on how internet graphics changed the visual design landscape of television. I’ll save that for another obsession.

(via neil gaiman, Prisoners of gravity: Fans, a response to neil gaiman’s sharing of the Fans You Tube by the creator of Fans)

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