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Huntsville Scoop Music Break: The Bragabouts have a Music Video, Hear them on The Epic Show

The Bragabouts!
They are a Huntsville band.

The Bragabouts!
Check them out on The Epic Show TODAY(February 28) from 3-5PM CDT!

The Bragabouts!
We know a guy in the band!

The Bragabouts!
Put their sound in your sweet, sweet ears.
The Epic Show:
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Huntsville Scoop: A SMILE AS BIG AS THE MOON, Filmed at Space Camp, Premieres Tonight on ABC

Official Synopsis

A special education teacher, his class, and their inspiring journey through U.S. space camp

What We Learned: John Corbett (Northern Exposure‘s Chris in the Morning and that guy from HBO’s Sex in the City) filmed a thing in Huntsville,AL? How the heck did we miss a film crew stomping around Huntsville? Oh yeah, because this city fails to advertise anything worth noting.

Why We’ll Watch: We like to watch anything filmed in our current resident city. Now matter how hard we get that nagging feeling that it’ll be mediocre at best. Looking at you Rocket City Rednecks(which isn’t even filmed in Huntsville) and 1980s flick SPACE CAMP. On top of that it’s a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie so it will be aggressively milking all the “feel good moments” it can manufacture. Aside from all that, we’ll watch the flick. It’s a space bastard’s weakness to watch films in the genre.

Despite our suspicions, or movie cynicism, we’ll be DVRing the film. Tonight is a recording night.

When’s it coming? Tonight(January 29, 2012) on ABC.

Official site:

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It’s Movember! Watch @Rick_Snee Cultivate a Catepillar on His Upper Lip. Donate to Fight Cancer.

Close friend in life, and friend of the site, Rick Snee, has been growing a moustache this merry month of Movember. He’s doing this to fight cancer because cancer must be fought.

Rick’s Motivation
“October is a huge cancer fighting month, and after a month of pink football players, everyone’s ready for a break. But, you know what doesn’t take a break? Cancer. And it affects more than just breasts. Men must take control of their health and be willing to talk about embarrassing medical issues that are symptoms of prostate, colon, and testicular cancer.”

As of this posting he’s collected $215(USD) for his trouble. Internet! We can do better than this! Donate now and fight that cancer with Snee’s hairy lip.

Official Site:

Just what is Movember?:

Once registered at, men start Movember 1st clean shaven. For the rest of the month, these selfless and generous men, known as Mo Bros, groom, trim and wax their way into the annals of fine moustachery. Supported by the women in their lives, Mo Sistas, Movember Mo Bros raise funds by seeking out sponsorship for their Mo-growing efforts.

Mo Bros effectively become walking, talking billboards for the 30 days of November. Through their actions and words they raise awareness by prompting private and public conversation around the often ignored issue of men’s health.

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Today in Star Wars: Yesterday’s DragonCon, a Parade of Huntsville Stormtroopers

One year, we will be able to return to the Geek Fantasy Camp that is Dragon*Con. It’s been too long since we’ve walked the cordoned-off nerd blocks of Atlanta in our woolen cunning hat at the tail end of summer.

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Our Strange Sky: The Lightning Skies of Huntsville or The Gods Must be Showy

8/3/11 Lightning in Northeast Huntsville

In the early days of August, Huntsville was witness to a fantastic lightning show. We attempted to take video but our phone is on its last legs after an unfortunate incident regarding a washing machine. It took some small doing but we found others who captured the phenomenon(in photograph and on video) and shared with the world at large.

Below the jump is a pilot’s video(markopenguin) of the skies filled with lightning attacks.

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Watch:#Rocktt Interviews Haven Comics Founder @MCuthbert for 10th Anniversary Special Senior Producer, Matt Cuthbert began local comics shop Haven Comics, Etc. 10 years ago last Saturday. Here he’s interviewed by Twitter friend, @DanielHorton‘s new monthly online show about tech and geek culture in North Alabama called #Rocktt.

10 years?! That can’t be right. We’re supposed to be traveling the world. Challenging Mars. Writing comics. Who knew we’d be running an online Newsmine of various interests?

Anyway, 10 years is also a long time to be running a retail comics business. Listen to friend Cuthbert talk about why Haven was created, serialized comics vs trade paperbacks, and the ever popular digital comics debate.
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Local News Snowmeter Full of LOLs, Predicts More Thundersnow Tonight

About a day ago, WAFF‘s Snowmeter appeared on their Facebook.

And we laughed and laughed.

Thanks to @danielhorton for reminding us about this.

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Our Strange Sky: Fermi Space Telescope Detects Antimatter in Earth’s Thunderstorms

We won’t even attempt to translate what was read in the BBC article. Here’s a bit on the actual anti-matter find.

But within that gamma-ray data lies an even more interesting result described at the meeting by Dr McEnery and her collaborators Michael Briggs of the University of Alabama Huntsville and Joseph Dwyer of the Florida Institute of Technology.

“We expected to see TGFs; they had been seen by the GBM’s predecessor,” Dr McEnery explained.

“But what absolutely intrigues us is the discovery that TGFs produce not just gamma rays but also produce positrons, the antimatter equivalent to electrons.”

When gamma rays pass near the nuclei of atoms, they can turn their energy into two particles: an electron-positron pair.

Because electrons and positrons are charged, they align along the Earth’s magnetic field lines and can travel vast distances, gathered into tightly focused beams of matter and antimatter heading in opposite directions.

The dance of light and matter continues when positrons encounter electrons again; they recombine and produce a flash of light of a precise and characteristic colour.

It is this colour of light, picked up by the Fermi’s GBM, that is a giveaway that antimatter has been produced.

The magnetic field can transport the particles vast distances before this characteristic flash, and one of the Fermi detections was from a storm that was happening completely beyond the horizon.

The results will be published in the journal Geophysical Research Letters

Informative video below.

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Art-Out Moment: Huntsville Provides Community Sculpture Tour ‘Spaces’

Art is invading the town of our current residence. Sculptures from around the land have been commissioned and brought to the space town of Huntsville. The sculptures from the tour, dubbed SPACES, will be located all over the community.

Created by artists from as far away as upstate New York, the pieces will be located around the Courthouse Square, outside the Huntsville Museum of Art and Von Braun Center.

Others will be on the campuses of Alabama A&M University and the University of Alabama in Huntsville, as well as Lowe Mill Arts & Entertainment on Seminole Drive.

We suppose firing up the old digital camera and wandering the streets for art sightings is in the future. Our Flickr account has been suffering for far too long now.

The following bit is obviously of interest to our tech savvy sensibilities but no set plan on how to access mobile phone or GPS information has presented itself to us. The last installation is said to be up by December 2nd and the tour will last until 2012.

We’re guessing an “app for that” will be available soon enough.

There will be docent-led walking tours, cell phone and GPS-guided tours and even a “People’s Choice Award” to see which sculpture resonates most with the public.

Beginning: Now

Ending: Fall 2012

Official site: Spaces

For more information on SPACES, contact The Arts Council at (256) 519-ARTS.

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This is Halloween: Pumpkins of Interest

A quick and dirty post for the day.

Jack’s Lantern
Here are MedicMike and Jen’s pumpkins. The backstory: these jack-o-lanterns represent their huskies, Katie and Jack. Jen carved them up. The pumpkin not the dogs.

Jack-O-Lantern-Lit-Up Jack-O-Lantern-Combo Jack-O-Lantern-In-Light

That’s no Pumpkin!


Cannibal pumpkin

Cannibal pumpkin

Longcat is a Pumpkin

Longcat vs Tacgnol Pumpkin (Day)Longcat vs Tacgnol Pumpkin (Night)

Pumpkin Skull

pumpkin leer

Trick or Treats?


An enterprising young @bnsheehan created a Jack’s lantern from a scowling Wil Wheaton.

Wheaton approved!

She brought photos explaining her process.

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