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Huntsville Scoop: A SMILE AS BIG AS THE MOON, Filmed at Space Camp, Premieres Tonight on ABC

Official Synopsis

A special education teacher, his class, and their inspiring journey through U.S. space camp

What We Learned: John Corbett (Northern Exposure‘s Chris in the Morning and that guy from HBO’s Sex in the City) filmed a thing in Huntsville,AL? How the heck did we miss a film crew stomping around Huntsville? Oh yeah, because this city fails to advertise anything worth noting.

Why We’ll Watch: We like to watch anything filmed in our current resident city. Now matter how hard we get that nagging feeling that it’ll be mediocre at best. Looking at you Rocket City Rednecks(which isn’t even filmed in Huntsville) and 1980s flick SPACE CAMP. On top of that it’s a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie so it will be aggressively milking all the “feel good moments” it can manufacture. Aside from all that, we’ll watch the flick. It’s a space bastard’s weakness to watch films in the genre.

Despite our suspicions, or movie cynicism, we’ll be DVRing the film. Tonight is a recording night.

When’s it coming? Tonight(January 29, 2012) on ABC.

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