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A Damn Fine Short SciFi-Film: Aaron Sims’ ARCHETYPE , ‘Your Memories are Just a Glitch’

Official Synopsis

RL7 is an eight-foot tall combat robot that goes on the run after malfunctioning with vivid memories of once being human. As its creators and the military close in, RL7 battles its way to uncovering the shocking truth behind its mysterious visions and past.
Directed by: Aaron Sims
starring: Robert Joy (Land of the Dead, CSI:NY) and David Anders (Heroes, 24).

What We Learned: Special effects and animation veteran Aaron Sims released his $0 budget and completely unfunded labor of love, ARCHETYPE, on the Internets January 20, 2012. After watching it the first time we decided on the spot that ARCHETYPE is pretty fucking cool!

Like most Hollywood movies, all the usual tropes are covered. Unlike most Hollywood big action fare Aaron Sims made those tropes engaging and worth watching. We’ve already viewed this short more times than we care to mention.

Seven minutes is just not enough.

We hope this taste of the ARCHETYPE world generates enough buzz and gains financial backers so that he can fully visualize his labor of love. Note: we’re almost certain the concept art of Sims complete vision is featured in the credits. Stick around and watch those for once.

Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! This has been a labor of love on a budget of $0 and it makes it all worth while when we see other poeple responding to it. Thank you! – Aaron Sims

Official sites: |
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Robot Envy: Festo’s Aerodynamic SmartBird

What you see: an awesome display of biomimicry.

What we remember: the future as told by those partly metal, partly real.

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Robot WTF: Geminoid Robots are Meeting, Having Conversation. (Talking About Us)

There are only a handful of people in the world who can say they have a robotic clone of themselves, and most of them just got together in Japan. ATR’s facilities in Nara hosted a bizarre reunion at the end of March as three Geminoid robot replicants and their originals met for a press conference and photo shoot.

We feel the need to reiterate this each time robots get together or unlock some new achievement: THIS IS HOW THE CYLON WAR STARTED.

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Robot Envy: Electronic Skin Offers Robots Sense of Touch, Next Step: They Learn to Love

The electronic skin is made out of germanium and silicon wrapped around a sticky polyimide film. The prototype measures about 7.6 square inches and can detect different pressures between 0 and 15 kilopascals, which is the range of pressures one might encounter while typing on a keyboard or holding a small object. The skin does this thanks to its rubber skin, which changes its thickness in response to changes in pressure, which is then measured and controlled by built-in capacitors.

Ali Javey explains why robots need to touch themselves… and other things:

“Humans generally know how to hold a fragile egg without breaking it. If we ever wanted a robot that could unload the dishes, for instance, we’d want to make sure it doesn’t break the wine glasses in the process. But we’d also want the robot to grip the stock pot without dropping it.”

Read a slightly fuller breakdown of this technology at I09.
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Good Morning, Robots+Swords+Dinosaurs. The Battle Continues…

Last week, Nomad Tofu cartoonist Harry Myland ran a Stream Monster Ustream. We were lucky enough to witness the event and suggest a sketch for tonight.

HARRY: What should I draw?

GROONK: A robot riding a dinosaur!

And then he made this happen.

And then we were very pleased.

via Harry Myland IV

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Gigantic Baby-Bot + Hipster-Bot = Robot WTF

Random items of interest.

Hipster-Bot was Destructive Before You

A gigantic robot baby at Expo 2010 – Spanish Pavilion.

via July in Whitechapel

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There Will be Robots: I Will Conquer the World for Love of You

A robot’s love is hard and steady.

(via Comically Vintage)

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There Will Be Robots: Swiss Scientists Allow Robots to Evolve, Become Altruistic. Better than Humans.

Swiss scientists applied Darwinian selection to their robots and found the electronic marmets are an Outer Limits episode waiting to happen. They exercise. They hunt. And when they work together for the good of the group they evolved into a better, bigger thing. A very good Outer Limits episode, for sure.

A Swiss team has applied Darwinian selection to robot development, producing robots that can walk, cooperate and even hunt each other.

“Just a few hundred generations of selection are sufficient to allow robots to evolve collision-free movement, homing, sophisticated predator versus prey strategies, coadaptation of brains and bodies, cooperation, and even altruism,” say the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne and University of Lausanne researchers.

In all cases this occurred via selection in robots controlled by a simple neural network, which mutated randomly.”

And so a tab we saved from long ago retroactively alters the robot debate. It now stands, @Rick_Snee – 1 to @Groonk – 1. Please see this article for clarification.

(via TG Daily, PLoS)

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There Will Be Robots: South Korea’s Actress-Bot Continues to Act, Refuses to Work with Keanu Reeves

The Universe tends to acknowledge our meatspace conversations with news from the World. A recent debate with @Rick_Snee over making robots that look like us(our view) versus robots that look like rejects from Tom Selleck’s RUNAWAY(his view) was put on pause. Then South Korea raises its voice and reminds that actress-bot EveR-3 is still around and continues to act to a full house.

Notice the form she takes. That makes the score @Groonk – 1 to @Rick_Snee – 0.

Of course we’re keeping score.

EveR-3 (Eve Robot 3) starred in various dramas last year including the government-funded “Dwarfs” which attracted a full house, said Lee Ho-Gil, of the state-run Korea Institute of Industrial Technology.

The lifelike EveR-3 is 157 centimetres (five feet, two inches) tall, can communicate in Korean and English, and can express a total of 16 facial expressions — without ever forgetting her lines.

Lee acknowledged that robot actresses find it hard to express the full gamut of emotions and also tend to bump into props and fellow (human) actors.


South Korea has in addition developed a walking robot maid, a robotic penguin, koala and rabbit, and a variety of other models.

Elsewhere on GNET:

(via warren ellis)

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