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This is Halloween: Man Creates Animatronic Dancing Baby, Forces it to Dubstep

People are making things like this in their homes.

Some times, just some times, we really like the 21st century.

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Robot WTF: Geminoid Robots are Meeting, Having Conversation. (Talking About Us)

There are only a handful of people in the world who can say they have a robotic clone of themselves, and most of them just got together in Japan. ATR’s facilities in Nara hosted a bizarre reunion at the end of March as three Geminoid robot replicants and their originals met for a press conference and photo shoot.

We feel the need to reiterate this each time robots get together or unlock some new achievement: THIS IS HOW THE CYLON WAR STARTED.

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Robot WTF: Georgia Tech Engineers Teach Robots to Lie. When the End Comes, the Blame Falls There.

Here’s a bedtime story your children will tell their children in order to scare them silly.

engineers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have constructed a bot that not only dupes its competitors, but actively lies, cheats, hides and steals to accomplish its treacherous goals. According to Tech’s Ronald Arkin, the group of scientists “developed algorithms that allow a robot to determine whether it should deceive a human or other intelligent machines,” while also developing ” techniques that help the robot select the best deceptive strategy to reduce its chance of being discovered.”

Basically, when being pursued or tracked by an enemy, the running-robot recognizes the threatening situation, sends false signals and forges a trail in one direction before doubling back to hide. During tests, the stealth-bot successfully eluded its tracker 75-percent of the time. While the benefits seem numerous, particularly the potential for dispatching covert communications, Arkin claims to recognize the project’s “ethical implications” and “deleterious aspects.”

And yet, they did it anyway. When you look up “foolhardy” in future dictionaries you won’t find a damn thing. Because the robots will have destroyed all the dictionaries and the humans that made them.

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Gigantic Baby-Bot + Hipster-Bot = Robot WTF

Random items of interest.

Hipster-Bot was Destructive Before You

A gigantic robot baby at Expo 2010 – Spanish Pavilion.

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Black History in Comics: EC Comics “Judgment Day” the Anvil that Needed to be Dropped

From the day this site was born there’s always been a thought towards what would be posted during Black History Month. February would roll around, same time every year, and lack of forethought, unsure what theme to focus on, or just the business of life got in the way. This year preparedness rules and Black History in Comics begins.

Judgment Day or How EC Comics’ William Gaines Won Our Respect
We are not a fan of melodrama. Pulling emotional strings for the sake of tugging at an audiences’ heart cords smacks of laziness. Exceptions to this are: if it’s done for the sake of comedy or if you’re talented enough to pull it off. The list of creators capable of doing the latter are few. But there are times when, to paraphrase a Winston Churchill quote, ‘the anvil must be dropped.’

While strolling through TV Tropes, killing precious time, we learned of EC Comics “Judgment Day.” It’s this tale of the battle to get the story published uncensored that won our respect for Mad magazine publisher William Gaines.

Gaines waged a number of battles with the Comics Code Authority in an attempt to keep his magazines free from censorship. In one particular example noted by comics historian Digby Diehl, Gaines threatened Judge Charles Murphy, the Comics Code Administrator, with a lawsuit when Murphy ordered EC to alter the science-fiction story “Judgment Day.” The story depicted a human astronaut visiting a planet inhabited by robots as a representative of the Galactic Republic. He finds the robots divided into functionally identical orange and blue races, one of which has fewer rights and privileges than the other. The astronaut decides that due to the robots’ bigotry, the Galactic Republic should not admit the planet. In the final panel, he removes his helmet, revealing himself to be a black man. Murphy demanded, without any authority in the Code, that the black astronaut had to be removed. As Diehl recounted in Tales from the Crypt: The Official Archives:

This was the 1950s, faithful reader. That time in American history where contemporary politicians like to harken upon as “better days.”It was also a time where this writer would not be allowed to drink from the same water fountain as his white classmates. This also assumes we were allowed to attend the same public school.

In the 50s the newly created Comics Code was the voluntarily accepted moral authority. This authority insisted the human astronaut couldn’t be a black man which, as Gaines pointed out, was the point of the whole damn story.

Feldstein, interviewed for the book Tales of Terror: The EC Companion, reiterated his recollection of Murphy making the racist request:
“ So he said it can’t be a Black [person]. So I said, ‘For God’s sakes, Judge Murphy, that’s the whole point of the Goddamn story!’ So he said, ‘No, it can’t be a Black’. Bill [Gaines] just called him up [later] and raised the roof, and finally they said, ‘Well, you gotta take the perspiration off’. I had the stars glistening in the perspiration on his Black skin. Bill said, ‘Fuck you’, and he hung up.

William Gaines is a man we would have loved to have met.

The link hoppers in the audience may have noticed that we’ve been dropping a few anvils of our own.

If you’re wanting to read the story in question you can. Click on over to Daily Scans and read on…

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: Robot OMG, They’re Attacking and We Can’t Do Damn Thing to Stop Them

On the weekend before thanks we give you 6 tales of robots eventual domination.

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Robot Envy: Humanity’s Doom Hastens, 2 Robots Suck Face on Camera

Another sad example of robots getting more play than ourselves.

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Robots Like it Kinky

My first sex and robots in a movie mashup post. I’m so proud.

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