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Moment of Who: The Doctor and The Mighty Boosh, Stronger than a Moose

We swear there was no plan in this. It just so happened we were scanning Ancient Forever for a suitable Moment of Who entry after our month long internet sabbatical and there was this precious Who/Boosh mashup by Deviant artist E-Boc. The universe is big and strange and funny sometimes, indeed.

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Moment of Who: Brown Delivers Throughout All Space/Time, The Wibbly Wobbly Goes Next Door

We almost fell out of bed after viewing this The Doctor comic by Joel Watson.

via HiJinks Ensue

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Saturday Afternoon Theater: PRECISION, “You pulled your gun in public…”

Official Synopsis

This 5 minute film was conceived, written, shot, scored and edited in only 48 hours.

We had three constraints. The title, a particular prop and a single line of dialogue. Everything else is up for grabs…

Through making PRECISION we got to meet Merica Adams.

Now it’s your turn…

What We Learned:
This short film was written by SLINGERS(remember that?) creator Mike Sizemore. It was directed by Andrew James Sykes. As the official synopsis above indicates the entire 5 minute short was completed in two days. TWO DAYS. Just imagine what could be done with SLINGERS(that’s been in the works for two years now.)

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Moment of Who: Sleep Well Under TARDIS Sheets


We’re pretty sure there’s plenty of room under there.

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Moment of Who: Double Trailer Thursday! Wherein Series 6 is Teased.

Over the last week or so two trailers were released into the Internets. These trailers were meant to stir rabid interest inside Whovians old and new for the oncoming Series 6.

In this tactic they have more than succeeded.

Prequel to Episode 1 of Series 6 “The Impossible Astronaut”
When a little girl rings up to warn you of trouble, you should heed her warnings Mr President.

Full Length trailer for all of Series 6
And who exactly are you River Song?

Do tell.

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Moment of Who: Watch SPACE/TIME, Dr Who ‘Red Nose Day’ Mini-Episode

This year’s Comic’s Relief Red Nose Day was once again brought to you by the Grand Moff himself, Steven Moffat.

We love it when he gets all timey wimey wibbley wobbley.

We also love it when Mofffat asks the questions that all hard-core geeks undoubtedly get into fights over at 3 in the morning on Friday nights. He is truly One Of Us.

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Moment of Who: How Time Works. Hint: Think Wibbly-Wobbly

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