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Moment of Who: “What would I have seen you in?”

Twitterer @timbentinck says this is an old actors joke. Despite our knowledge of entertainment and thespians, the particular joke in question escapes us. The main thrust of the punchline doesn’t.

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Halloween Moment of Who: DIY Radio-Controlled Dalek Pumpkin, Tiny Orangey Death Lantern

The Nerdist caught our eye with it’s ‘Make Cool Stuff: Halloween Edition’ featuring the robot Dalek pumpkin. They didn’t stop there, though. Be sure to check out their entire post.

Instructions on building the actual robot Dalek can be found on Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories.

It’s a radio-controlled robotic Dalek that can move around and turn its head. Oh, and did I mention that it’s a pumpkin?

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Moment of Who: Scare Young Who Lovers, Read a Quality Dalek Lullaby

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Moment of Who: All the Strange Creatures Dancing Like Peanuts Characters

Here we see the second time we have been happy to see a Silurian in the Whoniverse.

For the first time please reference the inter-species lesbian Victorian detective couple from the Dr Who mid-season cliffhanger, “A Good Man Goes to War.”

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Sad Moment of Who: Actor Roy Skelton, Voice of the Daleks, (1931 – 2011)

The voice actor recently explained he always tried to bring a “happy energy” to his work.

He said: “I’ve been very lucky, but I hope I have brought a certain happy energy to my work. I suppose I have a voice that can grab and colour a character in, I hope, an exciting way.

“I have been very lucky because I have always been doing a job that gave me so much pleasure.”

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Today in Star Wars: A Delicious Moment of Who, Leias Invade the TARDIS

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Good Morning, Your Expresso Machine is a Dalek. CAFF-IN-ATE!

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Animated Win: Doctor Who Fan Anime Project Continues. Part 4, Daleks Shoot Up the Place!

INTERNET – PAST – 11/2009 A discovery is made: Making a Doctor Who Anime from Scratch

INTERNET – PRESENT – OtaKing77077 releases part 4


Oh, hell yeah!

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