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Music Break: 100 SciFi Movies Supercut & Glitch Mob Remixed into “Monday”

This supercut, found over on TheXanderLegacy’s YouTube, is so damn amazing.

We can’t stop watching it.

We can’t stop listening to it.

We can’t believe it made JOHN CARTER look like a flick worth watching.

Edited by: Cosmo Scharf & Austin Kilgore
Music: Nalepa – Monday (The Glitch Mob Remix)

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#MusicMonday: You Just Got Rocked by Hanson, How Does That Make You Feel?

Hanson’s new album, Shout It Out, released last June 2010. We didn’t know about this because, well, it was Hanson. The music industry’s overwhelming need to neatly package and inundate the radio with “Mmm Bop” during the late 1990s destroyed any chance of Hanson being taken seriously by us. It didn’t help that all of this happened during our early to mid twenties. That special time when no one of that age can be bothered with anything.

Luckily, years later, second chances are high on our list of priorities.

First up, the highly energetic and catchy tune “Thinkin’ Bout Something”:

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Music Monday: Bands as People, Collected

Over the weekend, Questionable Content‘s Jeph Jacques did a wonderful tweetspammy thing. He created a list of band similes. That is if the bands in his iTunes, or wherever, were walking around and being horrible/wonderful to you.:

Below lay 15 of our favorites/bands we’ve heard and agree with the definition.

• Dragonforce is the guy/girl in theater who thinks they’re hot shit and all the nerds fawn over them while normal people can’t stand them

• Muse gave you a mediocre handjob and then shat the bed

• Disturbed is a dog giving itself a blowjob

• Hum is your high school sweetheart who left you in college and then died in a car accident and you still miss her

• AC/DC is a schoolbus driver

• The Decemberists are that group of drama kids who never talk to anyone outside their clique and have tons of inside jokes you don’t get


• Sigur Ros is that exchange student you thought might have had a crush on you but would just blush and run away if you tried to talk to her.

• nickelback is the guy who tried to pass off his genital warts as a “body modification, it’s all the rage in, like, europe right now”


• Weezer is your best friend from high school who you lost touch with in college, and when you finally bump into him again after graduation he has somehow become a total fucking douchebag.

• Radiohead is the girl who was absolutely stunning back in college and you pretend you don’t still have a crush on her but every time she comes in to starbucks your heart skips a beat.

• Mogwai is your best friend’s girlfriend who frankly has put on quite a few pounds in the past couple years but they’re happy so who are you to judge.

• Portishead spent hours in the bathroom, carving intricate spirals into her thighs and forearms with a razor blade. Years after you broke up, you run into her at a party. She is entirely covered in scar-tissue swirls, and radiant.

• Yeah Yeah Yeahs are the girl all your friends think is AMAZING she is just so BRILLIANT and FIERCE and INTELLIGENT but as far as you can tell she’s just a boring twat with a goofy haircut.

For all of them visit Jeph Jacques’ LJ:

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