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Good Night, Internet: Watch 30 Years of Asteroid Discovery in 3 Minutes

Sleep well.

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LRO Finds Lunar Landing Sites. Says Apollo Astronauts, “That’s Where We Used to Live”

While we were busy figuring out our database woes, the 40 year anniversary of the NASA moon landing was heating up. Timing was not our friend. During this time the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) took a gander at the moon, found the landing sites, and took pictures. They last longer.

Apollo landing sites

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Earth is the Planet of Space Junk

What? Did you think some great Space Janitor crawled from bed each night to clean up all the dead satellites, empty space craft shells, and monkey wrenches from Earth orbit? Or did you think everything magically had a death orbit and would fall back to Earth in a fury of fire?

Seriously, people. What were you thinking happened?

(via discovery news)

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