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Late MusicMonday: The Devil You Knew. Saying Goodbye to “Lucy, Daughter of the Devil”

It is with great sadness we learned, while building this playlist, that Lucy, Daughter of the Devil officially passed into oblivion a few months ago. Talk with creator Loren Bouchard about this tragedy to your hearts content. The show was smarter than most…*cough*Adult Swim*cough*… realized which may account for why the only thing left on the AS channel that we look forward to watching is The Venture Brothers.

The first video is an After Effects test using LDotD characters. The second is the Devil is singing about dildoes in a Willy Wonka factory from Hell. It comes from the episode when the Devil’s advocate calculates that if people of the Earth masturbate more then civlization will collapse. Men couldn’t possibly masturbate more but women can. Thus the Dildo Factory.

We told you it was brilliant.

The third and fourth videos are surprises just for you.

Watch clips and the first season of Lucy

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Big Damn Music: Shoot the Moon

In effort to appeal to The Moon‘s better nature after NASA flew the SUV-sized LCROSS into a polar region crater in search fo that ever elusive for human survival water we created a visual mixtape. Four songs pertaining to la luna, or science or just the generalities of being human. No matter how accommodating she was about the event; dive bombing the heck out of the lunar landscape, even such a small piece, demands a small bit of recompense.

Unsure on whether to delve into the audio/visual You Tube compilation with both feet? Calm those uncertain nerves by dipping below the cut.
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