Tumblr Watch: NanoGraphicMo, Create a Graphic Novel in a Month. Starts November 1st.

NanoWriMo is the popular new tradition of writing a novel within a month. That month being November.

NanoGraphicMo is the slightly newer tradition(we hope) of creating a graphic novel within the month of November. We learned of this one a bit late in the game. We didn’t feel it was right to rope an artist into non-paying work, no matter how beneficial, at the last minute. It was that and the fact we don’t have a 48 page story worked out just yet.

We have to say there is more than one way to skin a cat.

November 1st – 30th just got a little more creative.

The NanoGraphicMo starts November the 1st and ends at 12 am November the 30th.

The goal: to finish a black and white, 48 page graphic novel with cover in just under a month.

Official site: http://nanographicmo.tumblr.com/

The Rules: http://nanographicmo.tumblr.com/faq

On Twitter: @nanographicmo

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