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Happy Year of the Dragon, True Believers!

We missed the Year of the Dragon rounds yesterday. Let’s hope this image of Nextwave‘s Fin Fang Foom makes up for that. Here’s to doing your best to stay out of the dragon’s underpants.

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Case of the Mondays: Aaron Stack Suffers with You


It was the month of February 2007. That was the day NEXTWAVE died. My love for NEXTWAVE may border on madness. my NEXTWAVE love may be considered illegal in most states.

Look above you and you will see for panels why. No. Those panels barely do justice to NEXTWAVE. You should look at the 3 page sequence that outline why NEXTWAVE is made of win, love and a healthy dollop of self-loathing(but that’s only because you are not NEXTWAVE and must live with that for the rest of your natural lives).*


NEXTWAVE! Each link is different.

NEXTWAVE! Seriously, why aren’t you clicking these?

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There Should be Some Way to Vote on These Things

The Eagle Awards voting link is up. My Bad Signal tells me, Dirk Anger is up for Best Villain.

I wouldn’t dare to try and shift votes or anything but: NEXTWAVE, Ben Tmplesmith, FIVE FISTS OF SCIENCE, Brian Micahel Bendis, Brian K Vaughan, Warren Ellis, Michael Avon Oeming. Oh and JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED.

Only question I have is under Favourite Web-Based Comic where the fuck is Diesel Sweeties or Gone with the Blastwave?

Otherwise, Go Vote.

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Behold the dread evil underpants of Foom!

More on Nextwave. I must re-iterate: Ellis should pay me handsomely for the free advertising.

Also: Read for FREE!

I’ve not seen one bad page of Nextwave.

That’s fucking rare!

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Nextwave has a theme song?!?

The fuck?

LISTEN: Nextwave theme song

It’s on their Thunder Thighs myspace page, too.

That’s kinda funny. Stupid funny. Mostly just funking odd. Which, strangely, is working for me.

Gods in hell, I’d never buy that song though.

‘Nextwave’ speaks to the spastic six-year old within each of us. The message is: “BOOOM!”


nextwave01_12-finfanBOOM.jpg1. “‘NEXTWAVE’ is the most unique super hero comic on the market.
2. “‘NEXTWAVE’ is printed with mother’s milk.
3. “‘NEXTWAVE’ will make you fall in love with Warren Ellis (you remember what love is, RIGHT?).
4. “‘NEXTWAVE’ is the funniest comic book ever (take that, Dark Knight Strikes Again!)
5. “‘NEXTWAVE’ proves that Stuart Immonen made a pact with the devil to make him the most versatile artist in the world.
6. “‘NEXTWAVE’ contains subliminal messages that will increase your IQ and lower your cholesterol.
7. “‘NEXTWAVE’ gloriously brings four lower tier characters back up into the upper tier while creating a few hilarious new characters.
8. “‘NEXTWAVE’ knows where you live. Don’t piss it off.”

Marvel’s going into sell-overload over Ellis’ Nextwave book, starting this month.

Come to think on it, I’ve been advertising for them pretty steady, too. For damn free.

Hey, Marvel. Share that wealth, man!

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COMICS: Nextwave Knows Your Mom

The Nextwave advertising campaign continues to win me over.

and yeah…why does Fang Foom wear underpants?

Ellis shares the latest cover on Flickr.

He also lets us know that Planetary still exists in places other than his warped brain-pan.

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COMICS: Nextwave

The Nextwave is coming.

Described as, “A Marvel comic about pirate superheroes on an American jihad against terrorist product-testing, by Warren Ellis and Stuart Immonen”.


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