Characters Welcome

My moods shift like drifts of snow. Getting tired of my desktop appearance is a weekly occurrence. A recent visit to TV Tropes led to Studio Gainax which led to Shigeto Koyama‘s illustration of just about every Gainax character imaginable.

The banner and the grungey font were my idea. I had to make it fit the screen somehow.

Sometimes Despair is a Good Thing

Zetsubou Sensei was last week’s wallpaper. The alignment chart I found on Anime Suki. The left side is an invert of the Zetsubou Sensei manga.

Adult Swim Eats Dog

Adult Swim Eats Dog

Adult Swim has a marvelous art department. I don’t know how often they change their splash page but when I think on it, I check to see what’s going on there. If I like it, I enlarge or reduce it to fit my needs.

See above.

My laptop is widescreen. If yours isn’t, invest in an image editor or buy a new screen.

Fooly Cooly Loves You Crazier

While visiting my home away from apartment, I distracted myself from being stuck on several other web projects by turning a FLCL image into a workable widescreen wallpaper. The image(upper left) came from Adult Swim’s splash page.

It’s surprising what well a placed text graphic can do to an otherwise plain image.

P.S. Adult Swim, we really do need more shows like FLCL.

The POWERS that Be

Powers: The New Girl in Town

Not the best decision making when piecing together Mike Omeing‘s illustrations here. It looks like Officer Deena Pilgrim‘s leg breaks off at an odd angle and stretches into oblivion.

Oh well. Live and learn.

Gobble Gobble, Goo. Gobble Gee. Gobble Gobble Gobble.

Oh I had so many plans and permutations for a Thanksgiving brand. Every one of them met with resistance by my own ignorance. Do you know how it feels to not be smart enough to complete the tasks you set for yourself?

It’s extremely disheartening.

I’m sort of happy with the Turkey Dinner brand. I’m mostly happy with the fact that I finally found a usable and sizable photo of a turkey dinner in the offing. You have no idea how hard it is to slave away over a hot search engine for hours at a time and not find the things you’re looking for, do you?

You should be grateful for my persistance.

Since the image is so honking huge, it can double as a desktop. that is, if you want the picture of a giant burned bird on your computer view screen.

"It's Time to Send a Message Err"

Adult Swim‘s doing this thing where they change out their splash page at the drop of a marketing ploy.

My lawyers will feast upon their eyeballs with fervor and vim.

Err is currently the face of The Swim. In case you didn’t notice, I liked the idea of that.

UPDATE: I diddled with their idea a bit. I’m not sure I like the results but, fuck it, I’m satisfied enough. The simple Err wallpaper is under the cut.

Let it Frakking Begin

Battlestar Galactica starts in a few hours. I hear tell there are Frak Parties in the offing around the nation globe. I’m not invited to any but that’s ok. Shows like this I can’t watch amongst a mob of people. It’s just too fucking distracting.

What I do have is a DVR, a bit of free time, and a beer. It’s the simple things really.

Don’t forget, there should be instant commentary after the 3rd season premiere is over.

» Ronald D Moore commentary podcast

But before that…

Rose Tyler and the freshily bodied 10th Doctor take on werewolves and a feisty, none amused, Queen Victoria. Also, the Torchwood institute gets a purpose.

Regard them with Awe and Fear

I’m catching up on the various comics I collect. My subscribe list at my local comic shop is fairly small, so I tend to let a few months pass before I buy up my lot. That way I get bigger chunks of story in one sitting for my serial satisfacation.

During the summer, the new book Eternals as written by Neil Gaiman debuted. It is to be a 6 issue limited series, though I’d guess there’d be an option to continue it if the series proves popular. The Eternals have been around for ages. Created by Jack “The King” Kirby, they are an offshoot of humanity created by the mysterious Celestials. They’re long lived, small in number, and superpowered. they are an analogue of Kirby’s New Gods and, in the Marvel universe, the greek, egyptian, etc etc gods of old.

Although the Marvel U tends to have “real” gods mixing in with the normal and supernormal hoi polloi. Asgardians like Thor and the Greek demi-god Hecules are among that number. Marvel Corp likes to keep their universe populated with damn near every kind of fictional alternatives.

Neil Gaiman’s Eternals is focusing on the mythic nature of the eternals as well as the normalness, the humanity, found in each one. Gaiman doesn’t excel in the superhero genre. He’s said as much himself. It’s not a huge mark against him as his style is a bit more subtle than your casual “men/women in tights” fair. I’m hoping he’ll have the time to turn the Eternals book more towards his own vision. I’m 3 books in to the 6 part series and it feels a bit stifled. It’s almost as if I’m not getting the full Gaiman experience. Maybe I should read the full series before I make any hard decisions.

The wallpaper below was fashioned from a rendering of Sersi as drawn by Rick Berry. I do wish Berry was drawing the content for the entire series cause I have serious issues with John Romita, Jr.’s art. I have ever since Romita’s stint on Spiderman. Every character he draws just doesn’t feel right to me. It definitely detracts from the story.

Berry’s art is below. All you widescreen users enjoy it as I have.

Molly's Sorted Out Her Priorities

This would be the character Molly from Brian K Vaughan‘s “your parents are evil” series Runaways. As you can see, Molly’s exceptionally strong and not afraid to save ducks in a row.

This cover art is by Jo Chen. Her work is just this side of awesome in my book.

BTW I read that Joss Whedon’s taking over Runaways when Vaughan leaves. Guess I won’t be dropping that series any time soon.