At OddsCompromise

The Universe conspires against me openly once again.

Why does The Universe feel the need to do this?

Does it wait for me to get cocky? Does it have something to prove?

I honestly want to know.

Update: As compromise leads to yet another adaptation, I revoke this bitching for today. I do, however, reserve the right to replace it with more bitching in the future.

I replace The Bitchiness with a listing of my Kill is Love mix:

Pulp Fiction- “Girl You’ll Be a Woman Soon ” by Urge Overkill
Once Upon A Time in Mexico – “Dias de Los Angeles” by
From Dusk till Dawn – “dark night” by the blasters
Kill Bill Vol 2 – A Few Words from the Bride
Kill Bill Vol 2 – “About Her” by Malcolm McLaren
From Dusk till Dawn – “Back to the House That Love Built” by Tito and Tarantula
True Romance – You’re So Cool” by Hans Zimmer
Kill Bill Vol 1 – “Twisted Nerve” by Bernard Herrmann
Kill Bill Vol 2 – “Goodnight Moon” by Shivaree
Once Upon A Time In Mexico – “Siente Mi Amor”
Kill Bill Vol 1 – “The Grand Duel (Parte Prima)” by Luis Bacalov
True Romance – “Two Hearts” by Chris Isaak
Kill Bill Vol 1 – “The Lonely Shepherd” by Zamfir
Kill Bill Vol 1 – “Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)” by Nancy Sinatra
True Romance – “I Need A Heart To Come Home To” by Shelby Lynne
From Dusk till Dawn – “Manifold de Amour” by Latin Playboys
Kill Bill Vol 2 – “A Satisfied Mind” by Johnny Cash
Kill Bill Vol 2 – “A Silhouette of Doom” by Ennio Morricone
True Romance – “Amid the Chaos of the Day” by Hans Zimmer
Once Upon A Time in Mexico – Traeme Paz

It smoothed the rough edges today.

Have another round

The snakes are gone from Ireland. The celebration begins once again. I scoured my files to assemble my St Patrick’s mix. Good music for drinking, rousing rabble, and wenching.

It’s Flogging Molly heavy but there’s no shame in that.

Pietasters – Maggie May
Flogging Molly – Rare Oul’ Times
The Irish Rovers – The Scottsman
Flogging Molly – Drunken Lullabies
Flogging Molly – The Worst Day Since Yesterday
Flogging Molly – The Son Never Shines (On Closed Doors)
Flogging molly – Seven Drunken Nights
Drunk Irishmen – Whiskey In The Jar
Flogging Molly – The Likes of You Again
Buck O Nine or Bouncing Souls – irish drinkin song
Flogging Molly – Every Dog Has It’s Day

Monkey Spank

I make CD mixes. They were a godsend when my car radio went katputz and I had to drive an hour to work everyday. The heavily rotated discs back then were ‘Angry Rock Driving Mix’ volumes 1 and 2, the ‘Massive’ mix (collection of Massive Attack songs), and the FLCL mix.

Thanks to the Coffee Achiever, I’m revisiting abandoned mixes like the ‘Monkey Spank’ mix:

Divinyls – I Touch Myself
Green Day – Longview (acoustic)
Tool – Jerk-Off
Cyndi Lauper – She Bop
Billy Idol – Dancing With Myself
Billy Squier – The Stroke
Green Day – Longview
Sprung Monkey – Turning Japanese
Incubus – Turning Japanese
Billy Idol – Cradle Of Love
Billy Idol – White Wedding
Toni Braxton – You’re making me high

I’m sure you can figure out the theme to that mix. Now I need to pull together the ‘sexy librarian‘ mix that Kara mentioned.

I only mention “Turning Japanese” cause way back when, I saw an interview where they said that the song was about masturbation. MedicMike reminded me of the VH1 show where they denied its masturbatory overtones. I’m going with the first interview. I’m not sure why they suddenly became Little Mary Sunshines and I don’t care. Their song is about the jerkin’ and it’s staying that way.