Faces in the crowd Brewfest 2013

The Folk Mission @ Straight to Ale with Matthew Perryman Jones & Lily Costner


Working the front door this evening.

Alex and Colin @ Blue Pants Brewery


Just a quick pint after class.

Seducing Alice @ VooDoo Lounge

Had a hankering for some rock. Went and found it.

No Brakes Bistro, No More!


Went to Straight to Ale to get my last Bistro Burger.

My heart is sad but my waist is grateful.

Corporate Sponsored Uprising @ Copper Top

Clit Boner @ Copper Top

The Gentlemen Bastards @ The End Zone

The Beer Bracket @ Straight to Ale

The battle was hard fought but there could be only one winner.

I ate your lunch.


Lamb and Skordalia Gyro @ Taziki’s