The Best/Worst Overload to Keep You Busy

The year’s nowhere near over but the best/worst lists are piling up like week old laundry. I don’t have anything against such year end reviews. I just never made the time to see/watch/read/do all the things discussed on said lists. Any reviews I make would be damn incomplete. So I’ll rely on others to do my dirty work.* Then judge them appropriately when I find their results wrong.


Entertainment Weekly’s Best & Worst of 2008
It’s surprising how a crap magazine can get a few things right once in a while.


I’m tempted to pick up EW tomorrow for the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER photoshoot. The entire cast acts out random moments in 2008. If the show were as cool as the cast seems to be, I’d still be watching HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER.

Pitchfork Media put forth two bits of bests so far. For those who don’t know, they’re the Indie Rock Pete of the online music media game. Bursting forth from the ashes of what Rolling Stone used to be, maybe 20 years ago, I look forward to running through their tracks to discover something new and majestic and not found easily on mainstream radio.

Comics: Learning how They Do It

I love watching artists work. It’s like quantifiable magic. It’s magic cause drawing is something I just cannot do.

Just learned of Ben Bishop’s first book, Nathan the Caveman, via a short review on Pulp Secret.

Ben Bishop Draws Nathan the Caveman

Geekly Ambitions

Seasons one and two of the Greatest American Hero are on DVD and there’s a Lost cargo bag I would have no shame in lugging about.



A good time to be a geek, indeed.

Ghost Breaking

In order to change up my listening regimen while doing homework, I searched Shoutcast for viable Halloween streams. What I found, and stuck with, was, WBCQ – Becker Broadcast Systems – Halloween Radio.

I let that stream lull me to sleep.

This morning I awoke to the funniest radio drama I?ve ever heard. It was Bob Hope’s The Ghost Breakers. It was a corny type of humor that fit being awake at 7 in the A.M. I liked it so much that I found the discs that collectively hold about 70 hours of radio drama thrillers and creep shows including: Dracula, Frankenstein, The Shadow, King Kong and an assload more of similarly themed shows.

The discs are:
Monster Collection
Old Halloween Time Radio

Today I?m listening to a playlist of my own concoction. Mixing the sound stylings of Resident Evil Apocalypse, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Evil Dead 2, The Phantom of the Opera and Ghouls with Attitude (the internet shared Halloween mix CDs that I posted on last week).

Yeah, I?m getting that Halloween spirit a bit late.

Bjork's new album

I want this sucker.

Medulla, Bjork’s first new studio album in three years, finds her delving deeper than ever before into her haunting and exhilarating sound and vision. Innovative as always, Bjork has this time built the songs on Medulla entirely from vocal tracks, with no instruments appearing on the album, creating a soundscape unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Special guests include Rahzel from The Roots, Mike Patton of Faith No More and Mr. Bungle, an Inuit throat singer, an Icelandic choir, the world’s greatest human beatboxes and more.

Link provided by Dunc!

Wear Yellow

Kestrel Road Bike

IMed by MedicMike

The Talon SL

Who’s buying it for me?

Bottle-cap Tripods

Jeebus! i need one of these suckers:



I still want one

Bartleby was too much of a stuffed shirt to be cool.

Ipod mini

I want one of these suckers.