One Sheet Wonder: Revisiting IRON SKY

The “Nazis go to the moon to build up a small army only to return in 2018” movie has resurfaced on the geek movie talk scene almost one year since we first noted it.

IRON SKY teaser poster

This thing is building itself up to be a total cult classic or a Plan 9 From Outer Space for the 21st century. However this plays out in the future, two things continue to stand out as winful.
1) The flowplayer motion one sheet(which is, sadly, non-embeddable).
2) The song, Under the Iron Sky, in the teaser trailer continues to make sweet love to our earholes.

If the Star Wreck creators want an extra bump with this release, they’ll have IRON SKY up and playing by the time INGLORIOUS BASTERDS hits the screens.

The above mentioned teaser trailer lay below the cut for your enjoyment.

(via geek tyrant)

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