My World is Worthless. NEXTWAVE is No More. :(

Also it’s Death of NEXTWAVE Day:

For as long as you live. Whether you know what I’m talking about or not. Something will always be missing from your heart, and that constant incompleteness will drain the joy from every single moment of your existence until you lay on your death bed, listening to your pulse stutter and stop, knowing that somehow, someway… you failed at life.

Knowing that nothing in the world had been right since Death Of NEXTWAVE Day.
Warren Ellis, BAD SIGNAL 02-14-2007

NEXTWAVE was love. Now nothing means anything anymore. Excuse me while I crawl into my fetal corner and gently weep tears of skunky beer.

Damn you, NEXTWAVE! How can you do this to me!?

What am I saying? I deny your denial. My heart will forever carry your thoughts of me in that pathetically stalker kind of way. You better shut your blinds, NEXTWAVE, cause I’m outside looking in with a pair of binoculars,a rubber hose and a can of pepper spray.

I love you, NEXTWAVE.

I hate you.

Groonkly Bit: Nextwave is LOVE…Don't You Want to Be Loved?!?

I'm Filled with H.A.T.E.

Weeks ago the “comics blogosphere” went nutty with an in-joke banner meme thing. When I saw this one…

civil what39.jpg
(first seen on warren ellis)

…I knew I had to participate. Tonight, weeks after the bit cooled down and long after the momentum was lost, I threw together a few. I’m slow. I know it. Shut up.

“Civil What?” immediately brought this to mind:

Instead of making the little banner thingies(as seen on Marvel Civil War’s wiki site), I went all out and mocked the original comic covers. Most of which are simple, brilliant bits of graphic design.

A clutch of other Civil War spoofs in proper banner form are on Jinxworld forums. I hear there are more on Penny Arcade, but I never found them.

Throughout the week, I’ll drop a couple more…maybe.

By the way, you should be putting Nextwave in your brainNOW!