And the Morning Full of Errors

The simple things just won’t work today. The one of you who frequents this place may have noticed the Newsmine/Blog feeling a bit under the weather. It is sickly because it is not working. It is not working because every solution I find is blocked by another problem.

When the RSS feed from the previous incarnation would not export, I should have taken caution but I found the SQL import solution.

When the SQL failed to import via phpMyAdmin, I should have taken a nap but I tinkered and managed to create a swell confusion of things.

When I found the answer(hopefully) on how to import a large database, i should have been overjoyed but it is in video form. This computer has no audio card. The laptop has been running a chkdsk for half the night/morning(with no signs of finishing) and as it has the needed A/V capabilities, I am at an impasse until it finishes.

Then there are the widget problems on the working blog and the unnecessary time wasted finding a theme that would work for My Bits.

So here we sit. No news is bad news and I am very tired.

On days like these, I would not mind a Web Elf. Hell, taming a Web Goblin would be less trouble.

A Solar Cycle Meets another End, Beginning

If I’m not found peering up from an empty pint of the cheapest beer in this land by 9:30 PM CDT, I’ve gotten too old for This World and should be shoved onto the nearest canoe and pushed into the deep blue sea.

The beer peering, of course, will be after I drinks enough shots to fell a moderate sized elephant.

It's Like Trying on New Shoes, Sometimes There's Pinching

The new look is up. Don’t get used to it for it will change on whim until I can get my Word Press knowledge up to snuff. The content will continue although I may have accidentally killed a legitimate comment or two while playing around with Disqus. If you note your comment is gone, it’s not because I disapproved of it. It is because my ignorance is outweighing my savvy, but only for the moment.

While the new Word Press enhanced site continues to pinch in odd places and I stretch and stomp around to make it fit, enjoy the newness. Comment at will while keeping in mind blatant asshattery will not be tolerated. Soon there’ll be more thoughts on movies I’ve seen the last few weeks and some shout outs to comics you should be reading.

Don’t forget the less talky more snarky Newsmine, 3.0 flavored, is also ready to assault your delicate eyes and sensibilities:

On That Hole in the World I Fell Into

Pardon my dust. I’ve not abandoned this Newsmine. I’ve been involved with real world dealings that can not be ignored.

The regular scheduled snark will return soon enough.

In the meantime, watch the wonderful Bill Hader do something funny. I can’t say much for the others with him, but Hader is definite win.

Under a Metric Ton of Woe

Remember last week when I wrote that I wouldn’t be around much and then was around a bit more?

Well, I meant that I wouldn’t be around much for the previous week. Also, for the next few days. Time, once again, is not my own.

Hurry Up. Wait.

Hurry Up. Wait.

Being master of your own domain(s) is time consuming and often bothersome. In the meantime, please sit a while and enjoy the small things between the droughts.

You're a Geek Warrior! Be Proud of Who you are.

Ugh. Web Hosts are expensive. Domain moving frightens me. I want a Web Elf, a Red Bull and a foot massage. A Robot French Maid with exclusive super resilient biotech vagina technology would be nice. Especially if she cooks and cleans.

Have you heard of this Patton Oswalt fellow? He says things that are quite funny.


“I speak Klingon — who am I fooling? You win! I’m just gonna openly like what I like.” Geeks tend to be a little happier with themselves.

My wife is probably hoping, “Maybe tonight he’ll just go to a strip club…” Instead, I’m out rolling dice and saying things like, “I don’t know if a Wall of Fog spell lasts that long!”

Wired: You also say that if you had a time machine, you’d go back and kill George Lucas with a shovel before he could make the Star Wars prequels. Ouch!

Oswalt: The prequels are like offering someone ice cream, then giving them a bag of rock salt and saying, “Eventually, you can turn this into ice cream.” Star Wars is ice cream. Don’t give us rock salt.

That was Patton Oswalt at Wired Magazine on mid-life D&D gaming, accepting your geekness, and telling truths about Star Wars prequles. He’s a hilarious, genius of a man.

GNET Pauses for Renovations

Returning in a week’s time.



Expect nothing from me.

Famous People Die Too

I looked back on the last few years of my blogspace and realized all the famous people I grew up hearing about are dying. I certainly noticed it then, because I made note of it in the Newsmine. I was never quite sure how to categorize such sober events, until this past weekend.

Now I present to you, People Who Died. It’s not Jim Carroll’s “People Who Died”. Although the similarities in the titles cannot be ignored. Just to clarify, these aren’t all the famous people who died, just the ones I recall or who have affected me through my pop culture education.