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7 Fully Funded Kickstarter Projects We’re Looking Forward to Watching/Reading

Dropped below the cut, in no particular order, are seven successfully funded Kickstarter projects that are on their way to becoming reality or are ready to be in your hands. It covers projects from HOMEWARD BOUND with zombies, a cat that fights The Devil, Wonder Woman, comics, apps for comics, and the end of space trucking.

Have a look, why don’t you?
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TV People Release Photo of Adrianne Palicki as WONDER WOMAN, Looks Like the 80s have Returned

Geekweek shared the first official photo of Adrienne Palicki as Wonder Woman and our knee jerk reaction is, ‘unimpressed.’ We have nothing against Adrianne Palicki. She is fine as a mug and we’re pretty sure she should call us some time(This was delivered in the least creepy way possible). We’re unimpressed by the costume design. It looks like someone took a class in 1980s superhero design and drew up the rest after a night in the fetish clubs.

Wonder Woman should be iconic, not your average Comics Con goer. We criticize because we know you can do better, Hollywood costume designers. DC comics went through a lot of grief changing Woman Woman’s look. We assumed this was to make her more filmable. This official photo looks more laughable than filmable. Also, she’s missing her jacket.

Please try again.

Others have weighed in on this. What would fanboy kingdom be without small controversies?

The folks at Project:Rooftop would know about design as it is their raison d’etre. They briefly chat about her in: NBC’s Wonder Woman: First Thoughts

iGeektrooper weighs in in their article: First Look at Adrianne Palicki in Her Wonder Woman Costume. I’m Not a Fan.

Courtney over at Very Aware summed up our feelings quite nicely(and way more cleverly than us) with her piece: WONDER WOMAN costume debuts, horrifies most

Over at Live for Films, they ask whether Liz Hurley would have been the better choice. Hmmmm

As an unfair test we dug up an old promo image of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman and dropped it below the cut.

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Hipster Superheroes: Iron Man has Pabst Armor. Your Argument is Invalid.

Thank you, College Humor for making these and Comics Alliance for bringing it to our attention.

…some legit shock and awe has come in the form of a new feature at CollegeHumor. Artist Caldwell Tanner asks the question that has plagued so many of us here at ComicsAlliance: what if superheroes were hipsters like us?

All the rest lay below.
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On WhiteChapel: Wonder Woman’s Character is Remade/ReModeled

What is it about this amazon that brings out the art in people?

All this week and part of next is another Wonder Woman makeover. Instead of giving her new couture, Mr Ellis bid his artful followers to re-imagine the character from the ground up.

We hated reducing MrSmite‘s ode to Heinlein with this Starship Trooper Wonder Woman. You owe it to yourselves to view the piece in its embiggened glory.

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Good Morning, Mr & Mrs. Wonder Bat. May All Your Children Be Independents.

Caped Crusader Neil Vaughn, 46, and Wonder Woman wife Sharon, 40, tied the knot dressed as their comic book idols with their guests following suit.
Best man was Robin while The Joker was master of ceremonies with the Powerpuff girls as bridesmaids.

You’d think we’d be full of snark about this. There’s something lovely about it. It may not be a wedding party jamming down the isles but not every wedding should be.

via daily dcu, sun daily

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Flashback: Project Rooftop’s Wonder Woman Wardrobe War. The Whedon Wonder Woman that Never Was.

Let us gaze backwards, once again, faithful reader. The time is one year ago. Comics Internet was abuzz at the thought of Joss Whedon writing and directing a Wonder Woman feature film. This was not to be. But look. Designs were commissioned by Whedon to one Shawna Trpcic to redesign the amazonian. An effort to make Diana more palatable to a theater going crowd, no doubt.

Bleeding Cool shared the following images via Trpcic’s Twitter.

We numbered then for easy reference. Designs 2 and 4 have our eye. The long coat of 2 may be crazy cliched but it is a well worn trope for a reason. The straps on the leggings of 4 evoke a leather/90s feel. It also calls forth another trope.

Notice, Mr Lee. Not a one has a lame-ass short jacket.

Full images over on Bleeding Cool.

Below the cut: Gail Simone and Project: Rooftop have their own Wonder Woman costume contest.
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Thank You, Internet: Fan Responds to New Wonder Woman Costume. “There, Fixed it.”

via scifiwire

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Flashback: Observe Whitechapel’s Remake/Remodel of Wonder Woman

Reach back. Way back into the annals of time. Look into that place already forgotten and swept under the rug of reality. Gaze into the midweek of May 2010. Warren Ellis tasked his Whitechapel minions to draw a cover. This would be a comics cover relevant to today and today alone.


So here’s the deal:

You are an artist/designer.

You have to put together the cover for the first issue of something called WONDER WOMAN #1.

You have been told that Wonder Woman is an Amazon, that she wears steel bracelets and an eagle icon. You know nothing else about the character.

And that’s it.

It’s up to you what kind of company you’re at. Your interpretation of the vague guideline. What kind of comics you make. What era you’re in. Who you are, even. Go nuts with it.


We chose five favorites from that week’s set. The other four lay below the cut.

Caution: all of these designs are radical interpretations meant to stir creativity. Also, at least one of them may be too sexy for work.

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Jim Lee Redesigns Wonder Woman’s Costume, But would Tim Gunn Approve?

Thanks to the Gods, DC, Jim Lee and the fact that Wonder Woman hits its milestone #600 issue tomorrow, she finally gets a redesign(see above). After 40+ years of being the most confident, powerful stripper in all the DC multiverse, Diana gains a bit of modesty and puts on 21st century attire which looks suspiciously mid 1990s.

Please note that her entire backstory is getting an overhaul as well. (More on that at Comics Alliance.)

DC describes the new outfit as “a Wonder Woman look designed for the 21st century” that will allow Diana “to be taken seriously as a warrior, in partial answer to the many female fans over the years who’ve asked, ‘how does she fight in that thing without all her parts falling out?’ …The bracelets are still there, but made more colorful, tied on the inside and over the hand, with a script W on each of them that form WW when she holds them side by side… and if you get hit by one of them, it leaves a W mark. This is a Wonder Woman who signs her work.”

The “signing her work” gag is a bit much.

Cop: So you use those bracelets on all those who dare cross your path?

WW(confident): Yes.

Cop: So we have photographic and physical evidence of every street tough, criminal, and accidental bystander caught up in plans he/she could not even conceive before some Big Bad used them to get you to attack an innocent and overturn every moral principal you hold dear?

WW(visually disturbed): …. Yeeeaaah ….

Cop: You have to right to remain silent…as much good that’ll do ya.

Our opinion on the look? We like it and yet we don’t. If it were a brand new character, it looks fine, practical and sexy enough. It just does not look fitting for a well established character.

That being said, our comics Twitter(as of this post) won’t shut up about the change.

The thing we most fear is summed up in @CollectedEditions Tweet:

Granted WW’s timeline needs a fix. Not to prejudge, but if lasting, does it make the problems worse; if not lasting, be labeled a “gimick?”–@collectededitions

UPDATE 7/05/20100: While catching up on Newsarama we learned a thing or two. Tim Gunn approves!

“I love Wonder Woman’s new look,” Gunn told Newsarama writer Alan Kistler. “This new look says, ‘I’m confident, I’m powerful, I’m sexy, and don’t mess with me.’ Furthermore, she looks like a citizen of the real world rather than a creature from another land.”

On “Project Runway,” one of Gunn’s most common caveats to the designers he mentors is pointing out when outfits look too “costumey,” so it’s not surprising that he’s in favor of this design. With its long pants and jacket, it’s much more reflective of the real world than the brightly colored one-piece bathing suit Wonder Woman had worn for decades.

I would imagine that this new look will allow Wonder Woman to morph into situations in a less noticeable manner and, thereby be even more effective at combating evil doers,” Gunn said. “[This outfit]’s no longer a costume, it’s real clothes.”

Read the full Tim Gunn article here. As others have pointed out to us, since this post’s original posting, this new Wonder Woman outfit would transfer easily to a sliver screen setting. Now all that needs to happen is to get Josh Whedon back on board, or JMS himself, and get the WW movie back on track.

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Black History in Comics: Black Vulcan. Hero. In his pants.

Technically, Black Vulcan was not an original comics character. He was stolen from one. Creators of botox afflicted animation, Hanna Barbera, asked for the rights to DC Comics Black Lightning(a hero to be focused on another day) but changed their minds and made their own knockoff: Black Vulcan.

It was the 70s. That long ago age when barbershops were shunned and cars lined up for miles to grab a cheap gallon of gas. In effort to make our Saturday mornings more identifiable(and by ‘our’ we mean Americans of other ethnicities) the Superfriends became multicultural. As we’ve mentioned before, The Suits tactic worked on Kid Groonk. The only excuse we have for accepting such blatant stereotyping is that we were young and very stupid. As opposed to being older and slightly less stupid today.

The Superfriends Black Vulcan trickled down into the 80s and kept entertaining the superhero addicted tykes on network TV until the early 90s. But old cartoons never die. Their cels are virtually immortal. To the delight of all Adult Swim’s Harvey Birdman saw fit to re-introduce Black Vulcan as a parody of his former self.

You lucky children of the 21st century don’t have to rely on nostalgia for our misplaced youth. For you, faithful readers, have You Tube.

Wonder Woman and Black Vulcan vs “VooDoo Vampires”
In the darkest depth of Africa sits a temple adorned in bats. From this temple comes Storm…er…I mean Vampiress: the VooDoo vampire. Her ultimate evil plan? To be a bat and flit about the jungle all threatening-like. When Vampiress bores of this she attacks random safari goers with LASERS from her FANGS. Apparently the drugs were very good back in the 70s.

The Timeline of a Great Catchphrase “In my pants”
Pure comedy genius…in his pants.

(via wayback machine you tube, @misterperturbed)

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