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Panelfly to Make Digital Comics Look Exquisite on iPad

To date, this is the only reason the iPad interests us. Comics aren’t meant to be read on tiny mobile screens. They want to fit in your hand. They want to scroll vertically and horizontally without having to enlarge each panel to a readable size. According to Gizmodo, Panelfly and Sugercube put their heads together and created an app to be used specifically on the iPad.

The way the Panelfly iPhone app works is that you download the app for free from the app store and then add comics to your library through in-app purchases. Stephen Lynch, CTO and designer at Panelfly, hinted that the company is currently exploring several different purchase models for the iPad version…

Panelfly’s app would have sealed the deal for us buying the iPad this March. If only the damn thing played music or was half the current price point. Our iPod of many years recently gave up the ghost. The urge to replace our mini-music/podcast device grows greater everyday. If we wait to buy an iPad there’ll be no music. If we buy the iPod touch and the iPad we’d be paying twice for a singular device. it all boils down to the fact that paying iPod touch prices for a device that can only consume media is so 2007.

That and the fact we’re not a freaking millionaire.

(via panelfly, gizmodo )

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The x Days of Xmas: Geek Ornaments for Your Soul

There are only so many days left until that jolly fat man comes knocking on our doors, chimneys and mantles. A definite amount of days. An indefinite amount of items for which we care to share. The “x” is the variable. The unknown amount of time which seeks to be solved. The “Xmas” is a Futurama reference that good little boys and girls will get and enjoy.

Let’s get to it.

Gizmodo asked the question, ‘What’s the nerdiest holiday ornament you’ve ever seen?‘ Luckily we had the answer a full month before they even thought that question.

Ornament - Watchmen

From the mind of the one we call MedicMike a small testament of care to the ultimate Comedian.

Any ornaments you wish to share would be appreciated here(in the comments on this site) or here.

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