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They Live… and You Just Ran Out of Bubble Gum

I had so many links collected and unshared for this ghostly month. Those that can, will be re-purposed. On this Halloween night, I sign-off the month with a visual feast. The Halloween movie lists have been running fast and furious as the day wore on. But none of the lists I saw stepped into the realm of the late 80s John Carpenter mind-twistyness of THEY LIVE.

Thanks to Twitterer Sultanica you and I can watch Carpenter’s masterpiece dark comedy/thriller. Marvel at the silent confusion of Roddy Piper guiding you through a story. Cheer as he and Keith David wail on each other for about 20 minutes of the flick. Nod knowingly at the idea of yuppies really being secret space aliens sent down to pacify lowly humans with subliminal messages of CONSUME and OBEY. (They also want sex with our women but that’s a whole ‘nother list of xenophobia fears that we won’t get into right now.)

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Behold The “Spider Wreck Chronicles”

Baked pastries are not beyond fail. Cake Wrecks is a site found via a friend on Facebook. It seems they log all the horrifying confection malfunctions and display them for all to see and laugh at. Cake Wrecks were running their own holiday theme. The following images are from their “Spider Wreck Chronicles.”

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WAEFD: The Day 4,179 Zombies Danced to Thriller

It was sent to me two days before my Ghosted Senses would receive a break from the long hard month. Two fucking days when I have so many links saved and ideas plotted for their dispersal. Yet I could not turn this down. Here lay the special Halloween edition of When All Else Fails, Dance.

When counted altogether, 4,179 Zombies danced to Thriller on October 25th of our year 2008. That’s thousands of folk tromping to a 20 plus year old tune.

On Oct. 25, 2008, 4,179 people from 10 nations (Australia, Canada, England, Germany, Ireland, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, New Zealand, Scotland, United States of America, and Wales) simultaneously performed The Thriller Dance as part of the Thrill The World event, organized by Ines Markeljevic of Canada.

Seen below are just the 881 folk from Austin, TX.

Enjoy the two-fer dropped in just under the wire.

Dance, my children. Dance like the world is one giant Zombie Jamboree.

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Jules Makes No Apologies for the Coming Robot Revolution

Jules is an animatronic head produced by US roboticist David Hanson, who builds uniquely expressive, disembodied heads with flexible rubber skin that is moved by 34 servo motors.

You didn’t believe my prophet-visions. You doubt that the robots have formalized and digitized a solution for the human problem. You ask for proof and it is given. Straight from the mechanized depressor labii inferioris of Jules, the talking robot head, comes the doctrines that will doom all of mankind.

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Gaze Deep into the Eyes of the Hatchet Fish

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Clowns will be the Death of Us All

I can’t remember where I found this. I made a bookmark of the You Tube location but didn’t bother to note the site where I first laid eyes on this…this…whatever the f it is.

If you survive watching the first 16 seconds, you’re a trooper.

If you watch the whole damn thing, you’re as sadistic and unhinged as I am. Therefore you should be officially certified so as not to harm others with your malevolent ways.

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A SOFTER WORLD Shares a Horror Story

In case you didn’t know, one of the internet’s best photo comics to please my eyes, A Softer World, has been running ONE BLOODY THING AFTER ANOTHER all this month.

ONE BLOODY THING AFTER ANOTHER is a serialized horror story, written by Joey Comeau, illustrated by Emily Horne, who are also the creators of A Softer World. The final chapter ( chapter 8 ) will be released on Halloween night, 2008.

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Why won’t Warner Brothers Share a Halloween TRICK ‘R TREAT?

mikedougherty trickortreat.jpgWhile the lot of you pack in to theaters to indulge yourselves with the latest in the gorn series, SAW V.

Really? SAW 5?

I understand that the first SAW is worth it’s weight in corn syrup and I’ll get around to watching that one before the next apocalypse. Did such a, possibly, Nightmare Fuel Unleaded original need to be diluted by a factor of 4?

This is especially confusing when there seem to be a slew of original and highly rated(by those lucky enough to see them) horror flicks waiting for distributors. I’m not even close to being a horror movie fan but these odd business practices are more than a little frustrating.

Here is a snippet of an article on why TRICK ‘R TREAT won’t get released by Warner Brothers via Michael Dougherty’s MySpace:

why won’t Warner Brothers, which co-financed the flick with Legendary Pictures, open this film, if not wide then at least on limited basis? Personally, I’d go with wide as I feel this is the kind of film that will pack ’em in at malls across North America. There’s really something for everyone here, a fact that would help drive word-of-mouth. Neither a sequel, a torture flick, a J-horror knock-off, or an idiosyncratic vision such as Rob Zombie’s HALLOWEEN, TRICK ‘R TREAT may be exactly the kind of meat-and-potatoes horror that general audiences are looking for these days.

There are rumors flying that TRICK ‘r TREAT will be released in Spring 09. Which makes about as much sense as releasing a Christmas movie in July.

Michael Dougherty more than proved his skills to me in the writing of X-MEN and the (much better) X2. Give the guy a chance, Suits.

Let him shine on.

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Vader-Crow Keeps Younglings in Check

Extralife is ready for Halloween.

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