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From Ornana Films we get this awesome short called (NOTES ON) BIOLOGY. Far be it from us to tell them their business but ROBOT ELEPHANT packs* the more powerful punch.
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Tumblr Watch: Melisaki. Pulse. Pause. Repeat.

We’re doing our damnedest to maintain a PG-13 to hard R rating these days. So we have to warn that despite the images shared here, there are lots of naked ladies, and a fair bit of peen, in Melisaki’s photo archives. They are more ‘naked art pieces’ than ‘up to mischief nekkid.’

But we figure a NSFW warning would be more than fair.

It has a lot of great selections from professional photography of the second-half-of-20th century which is usually invisible to the internet’s view of history

Official site:

Ah, hell. NSFW shot under the cut.

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