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Moment of Who vs. Today in Star Wars: Dr Who/Star Wars Prequels Video Mashup is Here! Nerds Head Asplode.

Rick Kelvington has an all possessing love of Dr Who. That’s the only explanation for the insane mashups going on over at his YouTube channel. This prequel mashup is actually a sequel to the original mashup that debuted last year. How the hell we missed  that one for an entire year is beyond us. It’s good to be surprised. It means we are seeing daylight once in a bit.

Any Who…ahem… Mr Kelvington we salute the time and effort put into making this bit of awesome. Seeing Tom Baker and David Tennant together on the same screen was extra helpings of win all on their own.

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Moment of Who: “The Ballad of Russell and Julie,” The Wrap Party Musical for Tennant Era Who

There seems to be a theme of singing and dancing for the Russell T Daviesera of Dr Who. We aren’t complaining about this. Just observing.

The lyrics, for those who want to sing along, are below the cut.

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Moment of Who: Tennant Era Whovians, Rejoice! Dance, Sing and Haver with the Cast & Crew.

We’ve got to say that seeing Elisabeth Sladen in this brought a weird mixture of sadness and joy.

The entire bit was very well done.

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Moment of Who: 8-Bit Doctor/Donna, Watch it, Spaceman!

We’d be lying to say we don’t miss the fiery chemistry, not in that in-your-pants kind of way, Donna Noble(Catherine Tate) had with the 10th Doctor(David Tennant). This flash animation focuses on said chemistry between the two travelers of both time and space.

See the embiggened version here.

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Moment of…Fright: David Tennant Finally gets some Recognition for Being in FRIGHT NIGHT

This re-make of the classic 1980s FRIGHT NIGHT character poster makes it into the Moment of Who files by the shear audacity of David Tennant(known to this generation of Whovians as the 10th Doctor) dresssed like a fan cosplay mashup gone terribly goth.

Don’t get us wrong. The main reason we’re watching this movie is to support David Tennant breaking into Hollywood and getting more big screen roles. We’re fine with this movie’s updated sense using Tennant to jack douchebag Cris Angel’s swagger. The rest of the poster, however, gives us pause.

But this tag line: “He’s raising the stakes.” Are you serious with that? And either he has a serious blood-in-urine problem or someone needs to dial down on using thathandy blood splatter tutorial they found on Internet.

All snark aside, you canv iew the rest of the character posters over on Geeks of Doom.

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Moment of Who: RUN!

Very very rough version of a run cycle for my 2D animation class. Since I don’t have a light table, I have to do it in Photoshop/Imageready then trace it onto animation paper using my monitor. Eugh.
I know I could make my own light table, but that would be hard and stuff.

It does a sort of terrible skip at the end of each cycle. I really have to fix that… D:

14 frames, and yes it’s the Doctor.

Thank you, Girl-on-the-moon.

via nixsight, Girl-on-the-Moon

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Doctor Who a Bad Trip? Regenerations Modelled After “Hell and Dank Horror”

In celebration of Bicycle Day we’ve assembled a handful of news bits that qualify as “trippy.”

Have a nice ride.

About a week ago, from the depths of the BBC Archive the some heavy news dropped. The famous regeneration effect on the long-lived Doctor Who series was based off a bad LSD trip. For those unfamiliar with the ways of Who, regeneration in the Whoniverse happens when the titular Doctor is close to death. The current version dies and a new Doctor is born. It’s also very handy when you want to replace actors, take the show in new directions, or live FOREVER.

The metaphysical change… is a horrifying experience – an experience in which he relives some of the most unendurable moments of his long life, including the galactic war,” it said.

“It is as if he has had the LSD drug and instead of experiencing the kicks, he has the hell and dank horror which can be its effect,” the memo added.

Discussing his appearance, the document stated: “His hair is wild and his clothes look rather worse for wear (this is a legacy from the metaphysical change which took place in the Tardis).”

If Russell T. Davis had access to these memos, well, let’s just say that explains a lot of what was going on with Tennant’s first Christmas episode and his mad hair.

via BBC News

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