Who is Groonk?

We are Groonk. The owner and sole operator of everything Groonk (except for those folks at groonk.com. We’ve no idea who those cats are).

This Newsmine is our Shadow Brain. It focuses on the news, pop-life, Internet or long-range research that constantly infiltrates the mind of Groonk. Before this site existed friends were emailed and notes were written, and sometimes lost, over time. Now cyberspace holds the passing interests of our mind.

The Internet is indeed a miracle device.

Below We’ve attempted to answer any questions you may have. This list is damn near as old as the site so bear with us as we work hard to update everything. We are only one person after all.

What is a Newsmine?
W first saw it mentioned on Warren Ellis’s site Die Puny Humans (now know as http://warrenellis.com/ ). Basically it is articles and photos posted for amusement or to horde away when an idea-jumpstart is needed.

How do you find all this crap?
Newsletters. Friends. Idle searching. Intentional searching. Twitter. Too much time on hand. Take your pick.

Can I search your site?
Yes. Some times search engines don’t put you on the page with the exact information you need. Using the site search or tags or categories should provide the results you were expecting.

Just how many blogs do you have?
Currently only two.
Controlled by our editorial mind:
Controlled by our more personal aspect:

The Groonk Empire was once very big. It was whittled it down to near-nothing. Plans to raise this once proud Nation are in the works.

How do you pronounce Groonk?
Grrr – oo(as in, ‘oo, look at that, candy!)- nk.

Who or what is Groonk?
It’s a who actually. An Internet Badge. If you think we’d walk around this place without some sort of middle-avatar, you’re crazier than they say. Besides, it’s worked well or over 7 years so why stop now?

Can I learn Groonk’s real name?
It’s not beyond the realm of the impossible. In fact, these days it is most assured.

Where did Groonk come from?
Waay back in the year 1998, the wonderful 2d game called Subspace was found. We really wanted to play this game and grow up to be big and strong like many geeks before us but in order to do this, we needed a login name.

We SUCK at picking original login names. Racking the brain for hours to figure out a new and unused name would be the common ritual. We really wanted to play Subspace in the next 5 minutes.

It just so happened that an X MEN comic was sitting happily on the desk. Inside that comic some clever writer, or artist, was parodying all the aliens in scifi for a group shot. You know, in that “it’s not an Alien but a Brood which is totally different from being an Alien cause see they talk and have intelligent malicious intent on universe destroying” type of thing. In that group a hairy mandog-like best was towering over the others. He wore a gunbelt and he screamed, “GROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK!” at the top of his lungs.

After knocking a few O’s off. Groonk was born. Go figure it was from a Star Wars reference.

A fellow Subspacer would later inform that ‘groonk’ means ‘stork’ in Armenian. We’ve not followed up on that report.

Hey, There’s a site out there called groonk.com, is that you too?
Years passed and we missed out on buying http://www.groonk.com ( We don’t recommend you click there). Some french folk figure a ‘groonk’ is some sort of hairy love-beast. We’ve no fucking clue what that’s about.

Where can I find all the places you virtually inhabit?
The best place for that is: http://www.whoisgroonk.com/
The virtual business card for all things Groonk.