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Tumblr Watch: Dwain Smith’s Googly Eyes X-Men Comic Covers Makes Mutant Angst Fun Again

What is it: File this under: yet another simple idea so awesome that we should have thought of it first. Dwain Smith‘s pasting of googly eyes on X-Men covers is nerd comedy we can get behind. We don’t understand why but the more serious the X-Men cover, the better the eye googlies makes it. He’ll never run out of usable material from the Dork Age.

Official site:

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Moment of Who: Blair Shedd’s Days of Future Past Doctors

The Nerdist speaks of IDW Comics artist, Blair Shedd (@onegemini) and this fan made bit of awesome.

The mashup consists of The Doctor and the Uncanny X-Men story arc that launched a thousand story arcs afterwards Days of Future Past.

Jump below the cut to have a peek at the inspiring cover.

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Good Morning, Master(s) of Magnetism

via agent m

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