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Moment of Who: Brown Delivers Throughout All Space/Time, The Wibbly Wobbly Goes Next Door

We almost fell out of bed after viewing this The Doctor comic by Joel Watson.

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Tumblr Watch: NanoGraphicMo, Create a Graphic Novel in a Month. Starts November 1st.

NanoWriMo is the popular new tradition of writing a novel within a month. That month being November.

NanoGraphicMo is the slightly newer tradition(we hope) of creating a graphic novel within the month of November. We learned of this one a bit late in the game. We didn’t feel it was right to rope an artist into non-paying work, no matter how beneficial, at the last minute. It was that and the fact we don’t have a 48 page story worked out just yet.

We have to say there is more than one way to skin a cat.

November 1st – 30th just got a little more creative.

The NanoGraphicMo starts November the 1st and ends at 12 am November the 30th.

The goal: to finish a black and white, 48 page graphic novel with cover in just under a month.

Official site:

The Rules:

On Twitter: @nanographicmo

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Good Morning, Hannibapple. How was the Chiante and Fava Beans?

Redditor Julie Chien was surprised to find her Vicious Hannibapple work scoring high on Reddit the other day. The work is based on another photo series “Malaise de L’Orange” by Weem and the famous Hannibal Lecter escape scene from Silence of the Lambs.

Curtain Call:
Behind the Scenes:

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Thank You, Internet: How the God of Thunder Celebrates 4/20

What lay below the cut is a bit load heavy. Good animated gifs usually are. For some, it may even be controversial. Either way, it’s below the cut for a reason.

Before you jump, learn the origins of 420.

Don’t lose any more time, click the jump for a gift from the halls of Reddit.

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