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Tuesday Tease: What is PAUL?

PAUL is a cross country nerd-infused road trip with aliens. Two of these aliens are British in nature(Simon Pegg and Nick Frost). The third alien is from outer space.

What is PAUL? is the official production blog for Pegg and Frost written cross-country comedy vehicle. Above we’ve provided the Flickr slide show from Frost’s July pictures.

Sources close to us inform that the PAUL script is most satisfying on multiple levels. You’d better get used to us talking PAUL because it’s gonna be our focus in the weeks and months to come til it hits the silver screen.

(via Live for Film, whatispaul)

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Spider Jerusalem’s Monoculture Rant in “Talking Text”

Done for some graphics design class that’s apparently very popular.

I know I’d like to take it.

(via warren ellis, texty youtube)

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WEB TRAILER: Drawn By Pain

Drawn By Pain is a web series that involves live action and anime-like drawings. From what I can tell, a real life girl has the ability to bring her drawings to life. Of course, the little girl has been damaged all to hell.

The trailer’s better than most web made shows I’ve seen. It’s too late to view any of the series but view it I shall. As soon as I’m awake at a “decent” hour.

Also, the brightcove feature looks like a handy bit of code. The auto-start is a bit annoying. I might drop the code below the jump in a day or so.

UPDATE: It happened. The trailer’s under the cut.


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NIN Re-Dabbling in Strange Marketing Practices

Actually, it’s all part of the elaborate (and somewhat terrifying) concept behind Nine Inch Nails’ upcoming Year Zero album (due April 17), details of which are currently being disseminated through a series of increasingly spooky — and downright odd — Web sites.

Strangely enough, the story actually began on the back of a T-shirt sold on NIN’s current European tour. Dates and cities are listed, with certain letters highlighted. When those letters were arranged, they spelled out the phrase “I am trying to believe,” which most saw as just another statement of shattered hope from NIN mastermind Trent Reznor … that was, until one particularly, uh, “enterprising” individual decided to Google the phrase.

What was revealed was a rather unsettling site ( dedicated to information on “Parepin,” a drug allegedly added to the water supply by the federal government at some unknown date to protect citizens from bioterror attacks. While all appears to be normal, the author of the site — who is not identified — paints a different picture, referring to Parepin as “bioterrorism” being waged on U.S. citizens without their knowledge, designed to placate them.

The concept album Year Zero comes out April 17th and takes place 15 years in the future.

(via The Engine and VH1)

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Weird Clipart will Rot your Brain

I think I was looking for a santa hat clip art.




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The Extortr: For Blackmailing Entrepreneurs

If this were real, I’d make a couple grand. I need to widen my circle of knowing.

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The kid’s got skillz

Dave Werner’s porfolio’s almost ready to launch.

He’s about to graduate design school and definitely has the talent to rock.

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In case you were wondering

Friends’ confusion over the current dancing banana on the top right there has caused me to explain myself.

terror alert banana
fear is the mind killer

Peanut Butter Terror Time is linked to the Department of Homeland Security threat indicator. By all rights he should change color just like the Sesame Street indicator.

Damn banana has yet to hit Oscar or Elmo. It just stays at Master Shake.

Stay ever vigilant eh, Mr Bush?

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Anatomy of an Icon

Simple Bits has a tutorial on building your own icons.

(via simple bits)

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Patterns and Code

Tons of patterns and dhtml/php/mysql bits of code free for use on Squidfingers.

Including a neat slideout menu.

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