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“Hula Cam” with GoPro vs Corey Rich’s “Why” with Nikon D4

Two videos presented for your perusal.

1) “Hula Cam” is shot with a GoPro HD HERO (seen here before when a man filmed a shark stalking him). This video’s gotten a lot of notice since it’s debut in December 2011. So much so that TheOriginalHelski has dropped info on how she filmed it.

2) “Why” is a promotional video interviewing sporty folk doing sporty things in sporty locations. We’ll be damned if we still don’t like it. The video is filmed, we’re assuming, with the Nikon D4 and hits all the right buttons to make us consider buying the thing. Then we saw the price and re-thought everything.

The GoPro HD Hero remains in our thoughts as it remains closer to our price range.

Watch both videos under the cut.
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Moment of Who: Experience Every Doctor Who Episode from 1963 to Now in Under 10 Minutes

YouTuber Babelcolour assembled a mighty tribute to science fiction drama on television. Anything that promotes the wonder of Who is aces in our book. While watching we noticed the subtle changes in the show’s style over the almost 50 years of its history.

The 2nd Doctor’s Who-mobile(we’re not kidding) was especially striking. And by ‘striking’ we mean ‘a bit silly.’ The 70s were crazy as hell.

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Music Break: “This is Aperture,” the Portal 2 Parody of “This is Halloween”

Music – Reason 5 [Harry101UK]
Video – Premiere Pro CS5 [Harry101UK]
Lyrics – [A.P.H.I.D.1.0 + Harry101UK]

YouTuber HarryUK did all the music, video-editing and voices for this parody of the classic song “This is Halloween” from the classic movie NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS.

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End of 2010 Movie Hat Trick: 2 Killer Movie Montages. 1 Sexy Year in Photos.

It’s the death throes of 2010 and we’ve gathered a few of the finer video and photographic tributes to its cinema.

Matt Shapiro’s 2010: The Cinescape
Video editor, Matt Shapiro, has compiled a stellar montage of all the films of 2010 set to “A Dustland Fairytale” by The Killers. It’s the visual equivalent to DJ Earworm’s yearly mashup ear-honey United State of Pop. The only thing left to wonder is how we’ve missed Mr Shapiro’s work for all these years?

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Filmography 2010: 270 Movies in 6 Minutes
A few weeks ago Slashfilm featured a more complete 2010 movie montage from video editor Gen I.

The list of music used and movies featured begins below the cut.
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