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Tuesday Tease: IRON MAN 3 Trailer Debuts on Internet, Marvel Geeks Won’t Get Anything Done Today

Official Synopsis: Unknown at the moment. We did see The Mandarin wearing his 10 stylish rings so we’re guessing that plot is on.

What We Learned: A bad, bad thing happened in Marvel Cinematic Universe New York City and Iron Man feels he’s to blame. You know, Marvel Cinematic Universe is a lot to type when talking about this new shared universe Marvel studios has managed to assemble. The Marvel comics multiverse is vast and ever expanding. The primary comics universe is considered to be Earth-616. We’re taking it upon ourselves to name this new shared Marvel Cinematic Universe ‘Earth-Awesome.’ Now that that’s settled, back to the trailer review. We’re guessing this bad, bad thing has nothing to do with the never ending horde of aliens riding leviathans that tried to take over Earth-Awesome(it’s growing on you) in the spring of 2012.

Tony Stark has insomnia/night terrors. This is understandable since his spare suits get “BLOWED UP!”, his house attacked from the sky and, of course, that mysterious thing that happens in NYC.

Ben Kingsley is The Mandarin and is doing his best to not sound Chinese at all. Which is odd since Earth-616 Mandarin takes a certain pride in his culture.

Why hello there Iron Patriot who could not possibly be Norman Osborne since movie SPIDER-MAN, and his characters, are still owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Why We’ll Watch: The trailer alone looks 5 times better than IRON MAN 2 turned out to be. Shane Black makes his directorial debut into the Earth-Awesome universe. Mr Black, if you don’t know, directed KISS KISS BANG BANG. And if you haven’t seen this film you stop reading this article right now. Rent it. Put it in your brain. Then try to tell us Black wasn’t a damn fine choice to do the third Iron Man. BTW Black’s screenwriting credits include the original LETHAL WEAPON, THE MONSTER SQUAD and THE LONG KISS GOODNIGHT.

When’s it coming? Despite what the above trailer says, every other place we found says IRON MAN 3 will drop on May 2013.

Official site:

Watch the trailer below the jump:

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First Trailer for SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK Hits Internet, Makes Life Worth Living

Official Synopsis

In the future, Mankind has achieved a vast starfaring civilization, but is slowly and steadily succumbing to ennui or despair, often due to defeat and subjugation by a foreign invader. Rising against the general apathy, Harlock denies defeat and leads an outlaw crew aboard his starship Arcadia to undertake daring raids against Earth’s oppressors.

What We Learned:
CG animated skull adorned space pirate ships look kinda sexy. This is what all future space battles should strive to beat. The Most Common Superpower is effective as ever.

Hats off to the sneaky 2010 Tokyo International Anime Fair attendee who captured this pilot trailer and… um… pirated uploaded to all the Internet in order to show how cool he is glorify the awesomeness of this coming movie.

Why We’re Gonna Watch:
We have not seen a full episode or read the manga to Space Pirate Captain Harlock.Having admitted this, we do know the importance of creator , and anime legend, Leiji Matsumoto‘s work. Some of you causal anime fans, and brazen Daft Punk fans, might notice the animation style looking a bit familiar. Maybe you should check out the Wikipedia article for the music movie Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem.

For future reference, we rate the excitement level for the Harlock movie two points above the Space Battleship Yamato movie.

Yes, this looks that wonderful.

When’s it coming?
2012 is the best date we can scrounge up.

Official site:
All we have for now is the Wikipedia site.

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Scott Pilgrim Goes International with a New Trailer, View His Precious Little Life

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Re-Examining SPLICE: OK, Guys. You Talked Us into Watching.

What turned us off from SPLICE was the trailer. The trailer gave us Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley as reckless scientists mixing human DNA with whatever is on hand to make an “abomination.”

‘Thanks, Hollywood. You’ve produced yet another anti-science schlocky bullshit fest,’ we thought.

This was made more disappointing because we have much love for Vincenzo Natali‘s CUBE and an even greater love for the wrongfully forgotten, CYPHER. It took Guillermo del Toro to shift shift our viewing interest from flat out “no” to a resounding “ok, let’s have a look then.”

How bold is Splice? It’s so wild that del Toro says even he wouldn’t dare to make a film like that himself. “When I produce, I’m trying to produce movies that take you to places that are different than I would,” del Toro said. “When I was reading Splice, there is a particular scene towards the end, there was a left turn that shocked the hell out of me. It shocked the hell out of me and challenged me. I would have never been as brave or as crazy as Vincenzo was in doing that scene. But, reading it, I felt if it’s jolting me, that means it has enormous power, but I don’t know how he’s going to solve it. I was intrigued in seeing this absolutely insane scene come to life. I would have been too prudish and too timid to do that scene.

Here’s to keeping all fingers crossed that Del Toro is not in hyperbolic sell-mode. Because a movie that jolts his senses is a movie relevant to our interests.

Directly below is a list of other reviews and sources talking about SPLICE. And below that is a proper Tuesday Tease trailer write-up you’ve come to know and think was okay.

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Tuesday Tease: THE JONESES is Clever, Moving to Your Neighborhood… Maybe

In the dying weeks of our favorite afternoon talk show, The Bonnie Hunt Show, David Duchovny appeared and brought with him snark and news on a movie he made. Duchovny snark is always appreciated but we had more interest in the movie he plugged.

What it is
Demi Moore constructs the all American family, moves them into an affluent suburb, and proceeds to use the family as living models to market the hell out of anything with a price tag.

What We Learned
Demi Moore can still play a by-the-numbers bitch whenever she wants. Even though we know Duchvony is more than the sum of Fox Mulder or Hank Moody, we can’t help but see those characters struggling to contain themselves inside the actor that is David Duchovny.

Why We’re Gonna Watch
David Duchovny was right, for once. This idea is pretty damn clever. Will the satire outpace the “love story” that Hollywood feels compelled to wedge into every script that blows through its doors? Who knows. We’d still like to see the flick.

Official site:
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Toying with a new format. Two trailers. One Post.

Less searching? GNET is always evolving…for you.


Hayao Miyazaki‘s (Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke) latest opus is close to the breaking shore. Sadly, Disney marketers still haven’t figured out how to cut a proper trailer for all the wondrous things you’ll find inside a Miyazaki flick.

Equally legendary animator, Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), offers curious insight on PONYO. Know that we will be watching it as soon as this little town offers the chance and forming our own opinions.

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