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WATCH: David McCandless Talk the Beauty of Data Visualization. “Data is the New Soil”

Here we present to you a delightful TED talk featuring journalist/programmer Davd McCandless.

When David McCandless began speaking of combing the language of the eye with the language of the mind the obvious connection came to us.

“It’s two languages working together at the same time.”

This is something comics readers have known forever. It’s no accident that data visualization works as a simple, yet complex, way to get useful information across efficiently.

Below the jump, some info-graphics featured in the TED Talk that stirred our curiosity.

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Black History in Comics: Luke Cage Gets Noted for Being First

You thought this series was long forgotten didn’t you? We didn’t forget. Just needed time to marshal our forces.

Black History in Comics cannot be contained inside the smallest month of the year. History is always happening. It’s too big to care about months.

Our first meeting with Luke Cage happened in the pages of Power Man(Luke Cage) and Iron Fist(Danny Rand. He didn’t make much of an impression then. Nowadays, writers like Brian Michael Bendis can’t stop admitting their man-crush on writing the character. Maybe it’s some kind of wish fulfillment in having a strong character being able to say or do damn near anything to anybody. Then that character get away with it because that’s “how he rolls.” This is only a wild mass guess. We don’t know the mind of Bendis.

We do know Cage’s appearances in the pages of Bendis’ Alias were priceless.

Below is a screen cap of a school project denoting the timeline of notable, and less well known, events in Marvel Comics history.

Right there between ‘zombie’ and the ‘no prize,’ Marvel gives the first black superhero his own comic.

Now of all of DC and Marvel and the Independants in the market today we have to wonder, ‘how many of those comics have a black character as the lead protagonist?’

Seriously, we wonder about this and need your help in figuring it out.

The full graphic design timeline below the cut.
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Nuclear Detonation Timeline 1945-1998. That’s 2053 Nuclear Tests All Over the World

Here you have your basic Nuclear Detonation timeline from recognized “Nuclear Weapon States.”

As the video starts out detonations are few and far between. The first three detonations represent the Manhattan Project and the two bombs that ended World War II. After a few representative minutes the USSR and Britain enter the nuclear club and the testing really starts to heat up.

Even though the video does not differentiate between sub-critical “safety” tests and full detonations, you get a good idea of the fever of the nuclear arms race.

Sleep well.

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Internet Memes: We has Them Plotted

Included in the above is professor Scott Fahlman’s creation of the : – ) in 1982.

Gupta’s time line (embedded above) has become the second most popular one on Dipity, which hosts approximately 75,000 different interactive charts. Dipity lets users quickly generate time lines by entering information manually or by capturing data from RSS feeds, YouTube, Flickr or Twitter accounts. Using Dipity’s tools, users have built time lines chronicling events in TV show Lost and the inception of virtual worlds.

I’ve not received my invite to give Dipity a try. I’m waiting, guys.

(via wired, dipity)

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