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Michael Ian Black “Loses His Shit,” Scolds a Moron

Mr Black explains:

The guy in the dark says, “Because when you say you like Obama, that’s the same thing to me as saying ‘Heil Hitler.’”

The audience, predictably, starts booing. I ask them to please calm down, that I will handle this in a mature way. While I am saying this to the audience, I am thinking, How do I possibly handle this in a mature way.

So the audience settles down, and I turn to the gentleman and say, “Sir, I say with this all due respect – you are a fucking moron.”

And then I kind of lost my shit.

If you must know more, as we did after reading the macro listed above, go and read his Tumblr, Black is a Stallion.

We are unashamed at expressing our love for you Mr Black.

Unashamed and delighted.
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Comics Week: President Obama, You Cannot Touch the BOMB QUEEN


Panel & Pixel’s Cover Action thread rises from the pit of despair and hits us with Obama joke covers by BOMB QUEEN’s creator, Jimmie Robinson.

For those of you just tuning in, these are the things you need to know:

  • Over the last few months we’ve noticed comics publishers are not immune to “The Obama Effect.” tracking this effect has become a new obsession of ours.
  • BOMB QUEEN is about “a villainess who has eliminated and subsequently banned all superheroes from the fictional city of New Port City. She rules the city as a benevolent dictator; the limitations she has placed over the city’s criminals have made her a popular leader.”
  • Mr. Robinson was kind enough to let us post both covers on this site.

One thing we’re required to ask is, “Why aren’t you reading BOMB QUEEN?” Issue one is up for the reading on Robinson’s Comics Space. You have no excuse now.
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Ash Saves Obama: Comics, You’re Being Silly Now

Ash Saves Obama

Whilst perusing a CBR article on Joshua WIlliamson’s “Necessary Evil” project (coming soon to Cartoon Network), an ad caught our eye.

Army of Darkness: Ash Saves Obama #1, it says. Coming August 2009 from Dynamite Entertainment, it boasts. Being a sucker for sensationalist entertainment we clicked and did not find the content advertised. Being OCD’s bitch, we ran to Google for quick information/assistance.

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Spider-Man is *the* Social Arachnid: Meets Obama

For those of you living under rocks the last few days, like yours truly, Marvel announced that President-Elect Obama will meet Spider-Man in Amazing Spider-Man #583.

asm583_obamavariant1“This all new story written by Zeb Wells and art by Todd Nauck and Frank D’Armata takes place in Washington, D.C. on Inauguration Day and finds one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes attempting to thwart the swearing in ceremony of the 44th President of the United States. The story will be featured as a bonus story in Marvel Comic’s Amazing Spider-Man #583, available in comic book shops nation-wide on January 14th, 2009. A special variant cover by artist Phil Jimenez featuring the President-Elect and Spider-Man will be available for this issue.”

A snippet of the meeting lay below the cut.

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