Tuesday Tease: Sylvain Chomet’s THE ILLUSIONIST Reminds What Animation Should Be

Official Synopsis

An old magician on the decline meets a young girl that will change his life forever. Based on an original script by French comic genius, Jacques Tati.

What We Learned:

  • Rabbits are a tricky sort.
  • Wonderful animation is wonderful.
  • This is not the Ed Norton flick that competed with THE PRESTIGE so many years ago. Please do not confuse the two.

Why We’re Gonna Watch:
French director/writer Sylvain Chomet of THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE fame is directing again. After viewing the trailer for THE ILLUSIONIST we considered renaming the film THANK GOD FOR SYLVAIN CHOMET. All signs hint to this being a genius of animation that puts Disney to shame…again.

‘I’ve lived all over the place,” says the great French animator Sylvain Chomet, “but I seem to do well in countries that need their independence.”

Seriously, this guy is fast becoming our new animation hero.

When’s it coming?
ILLUSIONIST has already released in France and several other countries. It’s about to drop in the UK. It won’t hit the US until December. And that will be just a limited release.

Life remains unfair.

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