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Put Your iPod Nano on a Watchband, Impress All Your Friends

And now we’ve officially manufactured a reason we must own the new iPod Nano.

Places to buy them

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Science!: Bionic Vision Australia Unveils Prototype Bionic Eye, See What They Did There?

A quick search of our archives reveals bionic eyes were always in our sights.


Anyway, it’s not quite seeing with your tongue. It is an achievable technology in our near future. 2013 to be precise.

The set-up includes a video camera mounted to glasses to capture images, a wireless processor to convert and send those images to the implant, and a chip with 98 electrodes that is attached to the retina. When the implant receives signals from the processor, it stimulates the optic nerve, which directs the electrical impulses from the retina to the brain’s visual center.

“We anticipate that this retinal implant will provide users with increased mobility and independence,” said Anthony Burkitt, BVA’s research director and an engineering professor at the University of Melbourne.

Next up: Scientists find a way to lick with your eyes, eat with your ears, and drink with your finger.

Oh, wait.

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Jimmy Kimmel Shares New IRON MAN 2 Trailer. Internet Gasps Collective, “AWESOME!”

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Teen Goalie Graphic Designs Camouflage Pads

The line between geek and athlete continues to blur.


Using computer skills he learned in a graphic design class at the private school in South Hamilton, Leahy sketched out new leg pads that blend into the goal netting behind him. He wanted pads, a trapper, and a blocker that are white with a raised double-stitched design, just like the goal. He applied for a design patent and had them custom-made by a Canada-based pad maker.

“When the shooter comes down and only has a split second to shoot the puck, they’re looking for net,” said Leahy, a senior from Hampton, N.H., who grew up in Byfield. “If you put the net on the pad, they’ll shoot at the pad instead of the goal.”

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Tennessee Athletes have Sight Enhancing Contact Lenses

The article originates from Brentwood,Tennessee which is not far from my humble abode. And by not far I mean a 2 hour tour.

story.sports.lenses.ap.jpgWhen Camille Walters plays soccer, her normally brown eyes have a spooky red tint.

The 15-year-old wears tinted contact lenses that block certain wavelengths of light and help athletes see better. Oh, and they look cool, too.

“It gives me more confidence because you feel intimidating and bigger and stronger, kind of an ego-booster,” said Walters, who plays for Father Ryan, a Catholic high school in Nashville, Tennessee.

Walters and a growing number of other athletes are wearing the MaxSight lenses, which were developed jointly by Nike Inc. and contact lens maker Bausch & Lomb Inc.

The lens — large enough to extend a ring around the iris — comes in two colors: amber and grey-green.

The amber lens is for fast-moving ball sports, such as tennis, baseball, football or soccer. Grey-green is better for blocking glare for runners or helping a golfer read the contour of the ground.

Professional athletes tested the lenses last year before they were rolled out for general sales.

One athlete claimed it was, “like wearing sunglasses outside.”

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