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The Sunday Punch: Watch a Steampunk Batman Drawn Before Your Eyes

Watch and be amazed.

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The Games We Play: That BioShock Infinite Gameplay Trailer that Everyone has Seen but Us

Official Synopsis

The events of the game take place in 1912. The player assumes the identity of Booker DeWitt, a disgraced former agent of the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, who was dismissed for behavior beyond the acceptable bounds of the Agency. He is hired by mysterious individuals, aware of Columbia’s location, and tasked to invade the air-city and rescue a young woman named Elizabeth, who has been held aboard the air-city for the last twelve years. Though DeWitt finds Elizabeth easily enough, he quickly discovers that Elizabeth is central to the city’s conflict between these two groups, as each faction seeks to use Elizabeth to turn the tide of the conflict in their favor, forcing DeWitt and Elizabeth to trust each other in order to escape. To complicate matters, the pair is chased by “Him”, a large, robotic bird-like creature who had been Elizabeth’s friend over the last twelve years of her imprisonment.

What We Learned:

The past + the future + super powers + conflicting political ideologies = one hell of an awesome looking game!

Why We’ll Play:

  • Bird. Summoning.
  • Aggressive telekinesis.
  • Combo powers.
  • Insane graphics.
  • Incredible plot.

And that’s just from the 9 minutes Irrational Games showed us.

When’s it coming?
2012. Damn, that’s forever away.

Official site:

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Good Morning, Forest Fire Cat. You Look Strong Enough to Take Down Airship Pirates

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Good Morning: Fighters of Past’s Future

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Today in Star Wars: Samurai Wars, Let the Kurosawa Fan-Fiction Begin

Answering the question, ‘What if Akira Kurosawa directed Star Wars?’

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