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Station Break: Let’s Pause for a Moment

Stop! Don't Shoot!

It’s been a minute since we’ve been around these parts, faithful reader. But that does not mean we’re gone for good. is taking a minute to refresh and renew its purpose. One day there will be a return but we’re not quite sure when that day will be.

What’s being planned exactly? Expanding influence.

Here are a few places where you can continue to experience Groonk-mind until this space gets back on its feet again.

Try as hard as we might, we just can’t quit you, Twitter.

You do know that we’re podcasting now, right? Hear the voices of @C_Duncan, DaJuan, @Rick_Snee and yours truly, @Groonk, talk about some geek movies you may have never heard of…and a smattering of those you have.

Talk to our intern, Greg on Google+ and Twitter (@bsdpodcast) to make it a true Film Review Society.

Download us straight off the iTunes device.

Plug in our RSS feed into any other podcast reader:

Check out the webhouse at: for a list of all our previous episodes.

It took months for it to happen but it finally did. We’re loving the completely graphic nature of Pinterest. The ability to share lovely images with a few clicks of a mouse is nice, too.

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Come for the Pacman Ghost Bookshelf, stay for galleries of varied interest:

Source: via Hubert on Pinterest

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Station Break: Taking a Rest from Serious Business

It has been decided, faithful reader, that we need a short rest from the Internet at large. Expect our return to the Newsmine in first week of March.

Twitter ramblings will still happen @Groonk.

While we’re gone, examine these Internet artifacts. Then observe and report:

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