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Our Strange Sky: “Red Snow Moon Over Edmonton “

Two weeks ago in the skies of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada during the full snow moon the sky was red.


The temperature was so low, -25 C, that plumes of steam rose from neighboring oil refineries. The above image was taken during a momentary break in the plumes. The rising Moon appears red here for the same reason that a setting Sun appears red — because blue light is preferentially scattered away by intervening air.

via APOD

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Local News Snowmeter Full of LOLs, Predicts More Thundersnow Tonight

About a day ago, WAFF‘s Snowmeter appeared on their Facebook.

And we laughed and laughed.

Thanks to @danielhorton for reminding us about this.

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Today in Star Wars Bonus: HOTHLanta Edition

A rare double day in Star Wars. Blame it on the outrageous amount of snow the southeast has gotten. Posting this tomorrow would be a crime against timeliness.

The following comes thanks to Dragon*Con TV.

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Iron Week: Stark’s Beta Suit has Common Uses

via Applegeeks

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