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Our Strange Sky: Look, Up in the Sky, It’s X-MEN FIRST CLASS

If everything goes as planned we’ll be seeing this tonight.

X-Men: First Class, which seemed to suffer from relatively low expectations from both its studio Fox and from the licensing world (see, for example, “Boys Toys Up at Hasbro”), is actually mounting a strong run-up to its release this week including a stealth skywriting campaign that is putting the old school X-Men “X” symbol in the skies above southern California. This photo tweeted by Larry Marder is one of numerous similar photos hitting social media and the blogs over the last couple of days.

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Our Strange Sky: F15 Patrols the Skies while Shuttle Atlantis Blasts Into Space

The last flight of Space Shuttle Atlantis.

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Our Strange Sky: Meteor Streaks Huntsville, Scottsboro.

It was bright.

It was shiny.

It skipped off the skin of the Earth.


SCOTTSBORO, AL (WAFF) – On May 18th, NASA cameras at the Marshall Space Flight Center and Walker County Science Center near Chickamauga, Georgia tracked the entry of a large meteor estimated to weigh some 60 pounds over northeastern Alabama.

This meteor was first picked up at an altitude of 47 miles over northwest Huntsville, moving at a speed of 8 miles per second towards the southeast. It was last visible northeast of Gurley at an altitude of 23 miles.

The meteor was quite bright, with an intensity rivaling that of the waxing crescent Moon (in astronomical terms, it was about visual magnitude -8.3). Calculations automatically performed by the tracking software indicates that this interloper was from the main asteroid belt, moving in an orbit which takes it more than three times Earth’s distance from the Sun.

Observe HQ video and non-altered imagery over on WAFF’s webhouse.

They think pieces of it may have landed north of Woodville and Scottsboro. If any of you find it, NASA would love a piece of it.

If you think you may have seen the meteor, call Dr. Bill Cooke at 256-544-9136 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              256-544-9136      end_of_the_skype_highlighting email him at

Worth noting: it might not be a bad idea to alert the Meteorite Men if any of you sky-watchers find this cold piece from the heavens.

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Update: NASA still wants your help finding the meteorite.

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Mars Swinging by for a Closer View. Spirit Rover Readying for a Long Winter Nap.

Northern Spring on Mars

On Jan. 27, Mars will be closer to Earth than any other time between 2008 and 2014.

They say the view will actually be best Jan. 29, 2010. They also have maps of the sky to guide you.

In other news, the Mars rover, Spirit, appears to be permanently stuck.

NASA Gives Up on Spirit Rescue, Preps Mars Rover to Hibernate

With winter approaching, Spirit’s handlers have decided to put the rover into a hibernation mode intended to protect its electronics from temperatures that could drop close to the design limit of negative 67 degrees Fahrenheit.

“The Rover will be like a polar bear hibernating and it could be for many months, on the order of 6 months that the Rover will be in this state,” said John Callas, the Rover project manager at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, during a media teleconference. “This is not like the Phoenix mission. This rover is electrically active, but it has insufficient power to be awake each day.”

(via wired, wired: spirit , APOD)

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